Verbal Habits of Master Educators-1
Verbal Habits of Master Educators
Language Framing and Word Choice Strategies that Meet Adult Learning Needs, Increase Participation, Reduce Apathy and Resistance

In this workshop, we will explore the subtle but powerful ways in which master educators use verbal judo to help learners overcome resistance and engage more fully in the learning experience. Learn how to build trust, foster curiosity, and meet the unspoken psychological needs of adult learners through concrete language framing strategies. Identify the 7 universal learning needs of adult learners and the 3 unspoken psychological needs.

Learn how to meet these needs throughout lessons with simple verbal phrases and word choices that intentionally and persuasively frame learning to create curiosity, ownership, and engagement.


Identify the 7 learning needs of adult learners and the 3 psychological needs of at-risk learners.

Describe the 7 Andragogy Language Frame
Strategies to meet learning and psychological needs.

Articulate a plan for implementation.


Educators, Counseling Staff, Workforce Development Staff, Program Administrators


1.5-2.5 Hours




Available 24 Hours
After Live Event


Certificate of

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