On Location Workshops
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On-Location Workshops
Bring the Magic of Mockingbird to Your Location
Bring the Methodology to You
Bring the Mockingbird Methodology to
Our on-location trainings bring master teaching strategies to your location. The Mockingbird Methodology combines universal design strategies with mentoring strategies from psychology and behavioral strategies from social psychology. The results? A research-based teaching approach that centers on creating immersive and active learning experiences.
Training to Prepare Staff for Teaching in At-Risk Classrooms
Cognitive Teaching Strategies
Mockingbird workshops include cognitive teaching strategies to help you design and deliver interactive and engaging lessons for learners with adult needs.
Learn how to reduce the cognitive load, make learning easier, and build learner confidence with facilitation habits and lesson design choices.
Psychological Communication Strategies
Mockingbird workshops do not ignore the psychology of learning. Learn communication and teaching strategies that positively frame learning, empower learners to engage, and increase self-reliance and accountability. You will learn the subtle art of verbal judo and how simple changes in language habits can create inclusion, lower risk, and dramatically improve learner cooperation, confidence, and curiosity.
Behavioral Strategies
Learners are deeply influenced by the social interactions with peers and teachers. Mockingbird workshops teach behavioral strategies that manage social proof. Learn how to use group dynamics to positively influence individual learner behavior. Explore the safe path strategies that foster bonding among socially diverse groups.

On Location Will
An On-Location Workshop
Provide a Model of Effective Instruction
Improve Instructional Consistency
Create Common Instructional Language
Increase Teacher Readiness
Boost Educator Confidence
Improve Staff Knowledge in Research-Based Strategies
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Develop Teaching Potential in Your Staff
New or Seasoned Teachers?
It doesn't matter if you have new teachers, seasoned masters, or career changers, Mockingbird workshops are for everyone. We will plan a custom 1- to 6 day training to meet the needs of your staff.
Taking the struggle out of teaching
We Bring the Strategies and Solutions to You!

Like Johnny Cash sings "I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere," we have traveled the world helping educators and programs rethink the learning experience they offer struggling learners. We are excited to come to you!

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