H: Blueprint for Creating Interactive and Engaging Live Sessions
Blueprint For Effective Service Learning Projects
Also Course 2 in Blueprint for Service Learning

In Course 2, we will turn up the volume on secondary service projects. We will deepen our knowledge secondary service-learning projects and learn how to use the 5 step process to integrate more service learning projects into existing program practices.
We will examine different types of service-learning projects and explore best practices for developing and sustaining community partnerships that meet service learning project needs. Throughout it all, we focus on practices that promote student voice, and student leadership.

Learning Objectives:

Describe the tools and steps of effective preparation

Identify and describe the steps of service learning that support effective planning and investigation

Evaluate service learning projects for effective investigation and planning


Course is 4-7 hours engagement

1 Live Session

2.5-3 hours

1 Coaching Session

optional (2 hours)

Self-Paced Course Module

9 Challenge Activities


Certificate of
Attendance or Mastery

CE Credit

Texas Education Agency
5 hours

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