H: Blueprint for Developing Effective Online Programs
Blueprint For Creating Community and Developing Relationships with Online Learners
Also Course 3 in Blueprint for Teaching Online Series

How do we develop relationships with learners in an online learning community so that they feel connected and supported? How do we minimize the distance in distance learning so that every learner feels like a valued part of your classroom and program? Learn strategies to help you develop a community of connected learners.

Learning Objectives:

Describe and identify at least 5 different
interaction vehicles to use in a synchronous
live learning session to facilitate learner
interaction and participation.

Delivery strategies for creating community and
building authentic relationships with online learner —the ARENA method

Identify and describe the cognitive laws of
learning that support the safe path formula

Explore the safe path formula or increasing engagement and participation


Course is 4-7 hours engagement

1 Live Session

2.5-3 hours

1 Coaching Session

optional (1 hour)

Self-Paced Course Module

9 Challenge Activities


Certificate of
Attendance or Mastery

CE Credit


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