Blueprint For Teaching Online
The teaching skills you need to transition your class to an online learning experience
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Ready to Take Your Class or Program
Take your teaching skills into the world of online learning. Transition your face-to-face classes to hybrid and virtual classes without sacrificing engagement, attendance or outcomes.
Blueprint For Teaching Online
Course Series
In this three course series, you will learn research-based strategies for designing and delivering effective online classes.

Intended Audience:
Adult educators, program managers, training and development specialists, and hybrid course designers.
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Course 1
Blueprint For
Developing Effective Online Programs
Learn a program model and framework for creating effective online programs for at-risk learners. Discover how to combine asynchronous and live online instruction to foster community, meet learning objectives, and sustain engagement, progress, and attendance. Includes a live workshop and coaching sessions.
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Course 2
Blueprint for Creating
Interactive and Engaging
Live Online Lessons
Quit delivering boring lectures, and turn dull seat work into meaningful and interactive learning experiences. Learn how to capture and sustain attention using simple cognitive design and delivery strategies that turn ANY lesson into an interactive and engaging learning experience. In this workshop, you will explore 8 strategies of engagement, learn the laws of learning that simplify the research behind the strategies, and receive practical tools and guidance for integrating the strategies into your online classroom.
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Course 3
Blueprint for Creating Community and Building Relationships with Online Learners
How do we develop relationships with learners in an online learning community so they feel connected and supported? How do we minimize the distance in distance learning so every learner feels like a valued part of our classroom and program? Learn how to foster psychological accountability and psychological relatability and promote psychological safety so reluctant learners feel comfortable engaging and participating in online classes.

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Hybrid Classes
Hybrid courses combine live Zoom sessions and asynchronous self-paced courses.

Delivery Platform

A combination of live sessions and self-paced online course

Course Length

Each Course is 2 weeks in length

Learning Style

Interactive and Self-Paced

CE Credits

Texas Education Agency


Certificate of Completion or Mastery

Class Size



Live sessions are recorded. You can watch recordings of live sessions if you cannot attend live sessions, however we highly recommend live sessions

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Course Logistics

Flexible courses to work with your professional and personal schedule.

What You Need to Know for Course Success
Each course is 2 weeks in length. The course begins with a 2.5-3 hour lives session followed by a 2 week asynchronous course. Asynchronous activities are self-paced but a recommended schedule is provided. A live coaching session is offered in the second week of the course.
You don't have to attend live sessions ( recordings are available 24 hours after event) but we highly recommend attendance.
When the course begins, you will receive an access email to login into Mockingbird's LMS to begin course.
After the last week of course, you will have a 2 week 'grace period' to access materials or complete any course outstanding activities.
Upon full completion of the online course, you will receive certificate (Completion or Mastery).
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