Meet Mockingbird
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Mockingbird Methodology
Make Learning Visible
Learning is visible
Mockingbird’s approach to visible learning is informed and influenced by the Visible Learning philosophy of Professor John Hattie (University of Melbourne).

Watch Video of John Hattie explain visible learning.

John Hattie (University of Melbourne) has conducted over 1000 meta analyses of 50,000 educational studies involving students worldwide to identify those instructional practices that work best.

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Vulnerable learners not only have gaps in content knowledge, they also have gaps in learning process.

A lack of process skills impacts academic achievement as much as a lack of content knowledge.
Visible learning teaches learners process skills. Visible learning makes the process of learning clear and seen. It helps students understand what they are learning, why they are learning it, how they will learning it, and what it means to have learned.
Making it visible
Graphic Organizers
Incorporate vocabulary strategies
Contextualize reading comprehension
Share internal dialogue
Use prior knowledge to enhance learning
Teach the 'WHY'
Teach internal dialogue
Metacognitive Strategies
Teach concrete problem-solving techniques
Junk Practice

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