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Mockingbird Methodology
The Art of Teaching Infused with the Science of Learning
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Learning is a
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Learning is a Biological Process
Despite all attempts to make it something else, learning is a biological process. Processing, storing, and retrieving information are natural processes of the brain. Great teaching activates these natural processes to reduce threats that overwhelm them.
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Learning is a Psychological Process
We learn best when we believe that we can succeed. We struggle when we lack confidence and when we feel threatened and helpless. Our psychological state produces neurological and physiological effects that can hinder or nourish our learning success.
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Learning is a sociological process
Our learning experiences are embedded in the social context of the moment. Master educators know how to manage and orchestrate social dynamics that unifies culture, diminishes power struggles, and norms behaviors of accountability, collaboration, and participation.
Process of Learning Doesn't Ignore
Learning Doesn't Ignore...
Language Barriers
Academic Gaps
Learning Disabilities
Mental Illness
Chronic Stress
Your Teaching Approach Can't Either.
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A Teaching Approach To Help Learning Underdogs Find Academic Success in the Classroom.
The Mockingbird Methodology acknowledges the biopsychosocial process of learning and provides solutions to the instructional challenges that emerge when teaching learners who have struggled in the traditional education system.
INfuse the ARt of Teaching
Infuse the Art of Teaching
the Science of Learning
Cognitive Instructional Strategies
Learn strategies that capture attention, reduce cognitive load and help learners process, comprehend, retain, recall, and transfer new learning. Help learners overcome the physiological challenges of learning
Behavioral Psychology Strategies
Learn strategies that empower and motivate learners. Improve learner confidence and help learners develop self-esteem and a positive learner mindset during the process of instruction. Learn how to use subtle psychology strategies to positively mentor and guide students.
SOcial Behavioral Strategies
Help learners interact with their peers and learn how to use social learning behavioral strategies to positively manage social dynamics and foster participation and collaboration.
The Mockingbird Methodology is a collection of biopsychosocial strategies
infused into one holistic teaching approach.
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Solutions to Help You Teach Your Best Lesson.
We combine forward-thinking teaching strategies with momentum changing behavioral strategies to help teachers teach, lead, and inspire.
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