Ready to Learn

Stop Reinventing the Curriculum Wheel

Is your curriculum a jumble of disconnected student worksheets? Do you reinvent the curriculum wheel with every new teacher? Are you tired of starting from scratch every program cycle?

Our humanistic curriculums combine the science of backward and central design to create standards-based curriculum with learner-centric instructional activities. The result? Curriculums that prepare learners for testing, life, and work!

Create Consistency, Stability, and Structure

Mockingbird curriculums are standards-based curriculum (aligned to College and Career Readiness standards or other applicable industry standards) but they go beyond simple test preparation.  The curriculums provide programmatic structure to the design and delivery of lessons.  

Engage the Mind, Heart, and Spirit of Learners

Learning doesn’t have to be boring just because certain skills need to repetitive practice (goodbye boring worksheets!). Effective lessons are multi-sensory learning experiences that engage mind, emotion, body, and spirit. In Mockingbird curriculum, adult learning is an immersive experience. Students question, evaluate, and analyze concepts, facts, and ideas. They also role-play, discuss, debate, and engage in real-world scenario simulations.

Structured curriculum allow you to spiral and scaffold learning more effectively than simply organizing and delvering a collection of lessons.
A Humanistic Curriculum focuses on meaning-making, critical thinking skills, and application of knowledge. In short, it focuses on the learner experience.