Unit 8 DQ #1

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      Part A:  Review Content


      Review the Unit 8 slide deck. In the slide deck, the RLA concept of point of view is explored through the profession of Cosmetology. Sprint 3 explores the stories of the State Board Examiner, the student Manicurist, and the Volunteer Customer. A scene at the state board examination is explored through different points of view. 


      Part B:  Demonstration and Application 


      Read each character’s story descriptions. Choose one story and analyze the scene description to determine which POV (1st, 2nd, or 3rd person) is being used to describe the scene. In your response, identify the POV for the scene description and identify evidence from the text that supports this decision. Afterwards, write a 5-7 sentence paragraph using the point of view to write the next scene of the story for your character.


      Part C:  Interaction with Community

      Answer the following questions:

      Respond to at least two of your peers.    In your peer discussions, respond to each other’s stories. How does the point of view that your peer’s scene is written in differ from the POV you chose? What benefits and limitations did you experience when writing from the POV that you chose. Was it easier or harder than you expected? Why?

      • When you respond, engage the 3CQ method if you need help.
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