Stress for Succcess

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      Sophia Azhar

      Discussion Question 1

      Respond by Thursday,  November 5.

      Discussion question is worth 10 points out of 100.

      Part A: Review Content

      Read handout “Stress for Success”

      Part B:  Demonstration and Application

      What are some causes of stress mentioned in the article? What are some situations in which stress or fear can be a positive thing? Use your own experience in your response.

      Part C:  Interact with Community

      Respond to at least two of your classmates.  You may respond more but you must respond at least twice during the course of the week.

      Interacting with your peers is worth 10 points out of  100.

      Respond by Sunday, November 8th at midnight.


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      Honoray Ard

      I love the topic stress for success. I think it’s important to realize and help students realize that success comes with stressors. How we deal with them is the challenge. Stressors are daily but when used to our advantage, they aid in the success rather than become a detriment.

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        Zina Matthews-Holmes

        I concur, additional strategies in how we should use stress to advantage are a great tool, as well as implementing self love during those times of duress so we don’t burnout.

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