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      Ricardo Reels

      Mark is the manicurist testing student, and his story is written in the second person. This POV can be identified by the use of the pronoun “you,” such as in “As *you* walk into the room…” This story puts the reader into the character of Mark.

      After fumbling with your supplies, causing the examiner to look away from you, and recognizing the client, you start to panic and consider turning around. However, you remember your mother wishing you good luck this morning and know if you walk away in this moment you would disappoint her. With a deep breath, you walk toward the client table and happily greet her.

      You begin setting up for your exam with renewed focus. You have practiced for this moment for weeks and really want to make her proud by passing your test today. You decide to speak to the customer the same way you practiced with your mom.

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