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      Katie Holloway

      Get ready to practice! Use this sandbox topic to polish your posting skills!


      This is a thread.  A thread starts a new conversation.  This thread is highlighted in yellow and appears first because it is ‘sticky.’  A ‘sticky’ thread is a featured discussion thread.  In this course, any assignment conversation thread will be ‘sticky’ and will appear at the top of a discussion forum.


      You can play around in this forum to hone your skills.  If you want a pdf of the posting video instructions, download this guide. 


      You can also find more videos on the course video playlist.

      Posting Instructions:
      Hit reply to this thread to post a response to this thread of conversation.  Start a new thread if you want to start a new conversation not related to this topic.

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      Just practicing response

      • #25637 Reply

        Now practicing reply to myself 🙂

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          Andres Bucaro

          Just practicing.

        • #27943 Reply

          Responding to a peer… Hey Velida 🙂

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            Anne Sellers

            Practicing responding to a peer responding to a peer! 🙂 Hi Brenda, Andres, and Velida!

            • #28399 Reply

              Hi Anne,

              Replying to your reply to a peer replying to themselves.  Or some other form of reply 😉


        • #28398 Reply

          Replying to your reply


        • #28585 Reply
          Jack Kaburu


      • #25643 Reply
        Fernanda Orellana

        Playing around in the sandbox! Replying to initial thread

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          Ariel Espinoza

          <span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”><span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”><span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”><span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>Estoy practicando!</span></span></span></span>

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        Brenda Punti

        Replying to a peer.

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        Dinorah Lorenzana

        Reply to a peer

        • #28172 Reply
          Dinorah Lorenzana

          Replying myself

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        Ruth Junkin

        Playing in the sandbox.

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        Emily Lloyd

        Just showing that I can reply!

        • #27907 Reply
          Emily Lloyd

          This is Emily replying.

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          Fernanda Orellana

          Replying to someone else´s reply

      • #28408 Reply
        Emily Lloyd

        Practice makes perfect.

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        Michelle Marland

        love all the practice, thank you!

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      Fernanda Orellana

      Practicing response

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      Brenda Punti

      Responding to the initial thread…

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      Dinorah Lorenzana

      Reply 1

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      Rachelle Watson

      Hi Team:

      I am practicing responding to an initial thread.

      • #27872 Reply
        Michelle Marland

        me too!. GREAT REVIEW EVEN AFTER COURSE 1. who can remember things from before the holidays??? 🙂

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        Melissa J Kreek

        Practice replying to peer 🙂

        • #27948 Reply
          RAMANANJOHANY Veroniaina

          Using padlet – this was I’m experiencing during the holiday – Lol

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      Melissa J Kreek


    • #27933 Reply
      Ariel Espinoza


    • #28171 Reply
      Dinorah Lorenzana

      Just practicing my responso

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        Dinorah Lorenzana


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      Dinorah Lorenzana


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      Esther Kauffman

      Practicing 🙂

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