Online Class “netiquette”

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      Laura Sanabria

      In my limited online experience I am beginning to discover some interesting online class behavior. What is hidden behind the icon that has a student’s name? Are they sleeping? In their pajamas? Are their children sitting next to them whispering the answers? Do they leave the mic open and start talking to their spouse in the room? What peculiar behavior are you “seeing” ?

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      Sylvie Archer

      Those are all valid inquiries or curiosities. I believe it’s a combination of all of the above. So how do you propose to address them? Or rather, how do you approach them?

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      Zina Matthews-Holmes

      So far, I’ve witnessed either by sight or hearing, pampers being changed, newborns being breastfed, dinner being cooked, other children online learning via computers, mother sitting in the hallway of their homes to listen to instruction, while other took their GED practice test in their cars so they could avoid distraction, daughters answering their mother questions (they didn’t know the answer to it), fathers chastising their children while they are in my class….


      I address them, support them individually, privately, embrace all that makes us different and the same.  We’re all in this together.





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