Jolene’s Response to DQ #1

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      First person point of view is when a narrative or piece of writing is written from a character’s personal perspective. The easiest clue to identifying first person POV is the use of “I/me/my” pronouns. The story about the volunteer customer is written in first person because the very first sentence begins with, “I have always enjoyed volunteering…” The story continues as if narrated by this character.


      Mark smiles back at me after entering the room but suddenly trips and drops all of his supplies on the ground. He quickly looks up and smiles at someone anxiously, and I follow his eyes to see him make eye contact with Henry, the board examiner.

      Just my luck that this would be his examiner! He’s apparently the meanest critic at this school, so no wonder the kid is nervous. This is going to suck so bad. Not only does Mark have a bad reputation as a manicurist, but now he’s got to deal with the pressure of Henry. I wonder if it’s too late to back out now?

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      Josh Jones

      This is a test response.

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