How did you get the YouthBuild and why did you stay?

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      Zanda Miller

      This is my 3rd rodeo with this program! I also am an AmeriCorps alumna. I was working as a Parent Trainer for a foster care agency and this position became available and was closer to my home. I love assisting youth/people with reaching their full potential.

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      Candace Copenhaver

      I got to Youth Build after a twenty year medical assistant career in various areas of practice. A friend and previous co-worker told me about an open position, so I went for it. I have to say the rewards of this job are the biggest benefit!

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      Amber Palmeri

      Fun question! I got here a little by accident. I’d been working in youth development/education and was laid off from my job. A colleague at that organization knew about MHYC’s YB program and that the program manager position had just opened up. She forwarded me the PD, and here I am! I’m still here because I love what YB can do for a young person’s life and I love the organization I work for.

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      I joined YB because I want to help work with youth in the future and being interested in public health I see the work at YB as public health work too because education, empowerment, and community change are all tied to our health and community well-being. I stayed because I have a great team of coworkers and students that push me to be better everyday and who make life so much better!

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      Alexandra Blockton

      Hello Everyone,

      I am Alexandra Blockton and I am located at the LCCC Building Futures YouthBuild in Godfrey, Illinois. I am currently a Full-Time Teachers Aide AmeriCorps member and I absolutely love my role. Especially, being able to take the lead in our Community Service Projects with YouthBuild students. One of my favorites about my position is that I am also a student working towards finishing up my GED in which I am in the same GED classes as YouthBuild students. I enjoy encouraging and motivating YouthBuild students to complete their GED’s as well as continuing their education once they have completed YouthBuild.

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      Crystal Pena

      I was a teacher who did a friend who was having a baby a favor by filling in for her adult education classes while she was out on maternity. One thing led to another and the agency asked me to take on a role of teaching in the alternative school that used to be at the agency. I then moved to program administration and next thing I know I am running programs. I have been in program administration since 2005. I have been administering YB since 2009.

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      Liz Morrison

      Zanda! What a great that you are alumni!

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      Virginia Hamilton

      Hi ALL! I actually started as the AmeriCorps VISTA  for Project YES YouthBuild and then halfway through my term a position as the AmeriCorps Coordinator opened up and I was able to take on more responsibilities! I love learning and I fee like YouthBuild provides a ton of continuing education opportunities! Happy to be here with you all!

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