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      Pierre LaFun

      Using The TCSG rubric scale , describe how you would rate yourself (or your program) for criteria 3 and 4 (generally speaking) .  In your responses, explain your rating and describe what steps or strategies you can take to improve your effectiveness in this standards.

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      Sophia Azhar

      Criteria 3 – Applied Learning: Proficient

      Criteria 4- Peer to Peer Interaction: Developing

      For criteria 3, I gave myself a rating of Proficient because I try to connect my lessons to real world scenarios and explain to my students the relevance of the skill they are learning.  I highlight the kind of questions that they will see on the GED tests.

      For criteria 4, I gave myself a rating of Developing because I need to utilize the breakout rooms more often to give the students a chance to work together.  Usually, I just use the chat box.  I am better in my live classes because the students have more opportunities to cooperate and work together when I group the students together for some assignments.


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        Roxie Carroll

        Sophia, I agree that is a lot easier to encourage peer-to-peer interactions in the classroom than online.  Breakout rooms are handy tools for this. You could perhaps take a multistep math problem or an article analysis and send groups of a few students to complete the activity together. I have found that using breakout rooms, like everything else, gets easier the more it’s used.

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          I agree with you totally. It is so much easier for students to communicate with face-face-teaching. Using the chat box is probably the best way to communicate during Collaborate sessions.

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          Joan Duffie

          I agree. I always highlight those areas that the student need to focus on to help them on the GED Exams.

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        Brianna Gillis

        Sophia, I rate myself as developing also in peer to peer interaction.  I too have been using the chat box for interaction, which my students enjoy, but I need to build up to break out rooms and discussion forums.

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        Sara Mercer

        I like the idea of highlighting what they may see on the GED exam.  I verbally mention it.  I discuss how it might be seen on the test, but don’t really use visual cues.  That is something I will work on.

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        Joan Duffie

        Criterion 3:

        I rate myself as 8.  Our community is mostly made up of  a variety of industries. Several of my night students works in an industrial environment.  I consistently refer to their specific job skills when teaching Math.  I have updated lesson plans to include these changes.

        Criterion 4:

        I rate myself as 5.  We are in a process of implementing Blackboard for online students.  Once I am ready to start using Blackboard, I plan to use the Chat Box for Peer to Peer interaction.




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      Peggy Wilson

      For Criterion 3, Applied Learning, I would rate myself as Developing.  I know instruction that emulates real-world tasks and life experiences is important, but I do not include enough of it in my online reading course.  I need to find and post passages that are more relevant to my students.  I also need to include more Discussion Boards that allow me to learn more about them to direct me in finding relevant passages.


      For Criterion 4. I would rate myself as Developing.  I do include discussion boards and synchronous virtual sessions which provide collaborative opportunities; however, I would like to consider ways of cutting back on some of the current assignments and include more Discussion Boards and Group Projects.

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        Roxie Carroll

        Peggy, I agree with you about the importance of learning the real life needs of the students to adjust the curriculum.  I think it’s even more difficult to really know the students when teaching online, but using discussion boards is a good idea.

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        Annette Merier

        I would also like to include more discussion boards in my online class however the students are not doing them.  After watching these videos, I feel that I need to add more training on how to use discussion boards.  I also plan to add some discussions that aren’t academic (like what is your favorite season or movie…) so maybe more students would be willing to try to answer and learn how to use the forum.

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      For Criterion 3, I would rate our instructors as Proficient.  They do an excellent job of relating the material to real world scenarios.  They highlight the information that the student will need to pass the GED test and explain relevancy of the concept in everyday life.


      For Criterion 4, I would rate our instructors as Developing.  We are trying to implement as much as possible into Blackboard learning but it is a process 🙂

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      Roxie Carroll

      Re: Criterion 3, Applied Learning
      I would rate myself as Exemplary only because of the classes that I am currently teaching, ESL. Almost all of curriculum developed for this subject contains real world applications. Additionally, I encourage and use the input from the students concerning their individual needs, and I apply a segment of the curriculum to their needs in real life.
      However, when I taught math I also attempted to approach it from a pragmatic point of view, as my prior experience had been with the military, automotive trade school, and workplace literacy. And, yes, it does take a lot of time to focus on this. I would like to add that I still have room for improvement…there is always room.

      Re: Criterion 4, Peer-to-Peer Interaction
      I would rate myself between Proficient and Exemplary. Again, this is due to the type of classes that I am currently teaching, ESL. Communication among the peers is an essential process of learning another language. The curriculum we use always has components of discussion among peers activities scattered throughout each unit. We use the breakout groups to complete these activities. I also use group or team games which require cooperation and communication among the students.  Even playing a jeopary style game can be played requiring group discussion and teamwork.  Additionally, I’ve started facilitating an  mini conversation class where students interact with other. For online activities, I have made digital conversation cards based upon the students’ input.

      I would like to continue to improve in my instructions using both of these criterion.

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        Roxie Carroll

        an  mini conversation class-  a mini conversation class

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        Brianna Gillis

        Roxie, thanks for sharing your ideas for completing activities and games in break out rooms for more peer to peer interaction.  I did this in the classroom, but online has been more of a struggle.  My students enjoy the interaction in the chat box, but I am beginning to incorporate breakout rooms.

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        Sara Mercer

        I like the idea of team games.  That is a great way to get the students excited about learning.  I’ll have to look into some for my students.  They tend to want to respond only to me and not each other.  This could help build that connection.

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        Mary Baxter

        It sounds like you have a great background that you can draw from to create real-world applications!

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      Brianna Gillis

      Applied Learning – Proficient – I would rate myself as Proficient since I do a good job of relating real world applications in my lessons and classroom.  I use applied learning in real life scenarios in the classroom in reading/language arts, math, science and social studies lessons.  I will continue to try to use applied learning more and to strive for exemplary in this area.

      Peer to Peer Interaction – Developing/Proficient – I would rate myself between Developing/Proficient since I am implementing discussion boards in my online classroom.  I have had more peer to peer interaction with my in-person classroom.  I plan to offer more discussion forums for my online class and strive to become proficient in this area.

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      Sara Mercer

      I think I am developing in both criteria 3 and 4. I have small classes and find it hard to do a lot with the peer to peer during live classes. I use the chat box regularly. I wish I could make use of breakout groups, but it isn’t feasible at the moment. I am having to work harder in creating more peer to peer work in the Blackboard content areas though. Discussion boards seem great, but my students are skipping over them. It is a constant battle to have them write discussion posts. I’m still working on it.

      The applied learning could use more work as well. I do try to have them all think of ways we could use the content in real world jobs. I offer suggestions. I try to use examples during the classes. Some things I just have a hard time connecting to real world scenarios.

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        I use a lot of real-word scenarios and examples in my lessons as well. That really helps to students get a taste of how they will use the skills they are learning out in the real world.

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        Annette Merier

        I agree that the breakout rooms aren’t always workable.  I have a small class.  If we have a discussion we can do it with the whole class.   We use the chat feature to some extent but also the students seem to be willing to share with the whole class using their microphone.  This is especially true if I tell them they don’t have to have their video turned on.

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      Mary Baxter

      I am not currently teaching a class, but rather overseeing our teachers.

      For criterion 3, I’d say that our instructors are proficient. They continually bring in real-world application since they are teaching ESL. One area for improvement is incorporating more career applications.

      For criterion 4, our instructors are mostly in the proficient category, with some developing. I have been impressed with how they have creatively used the breakout rooms to facilitate interactions, but we could use the chat feature more in our program, as well as discussion boards. It is a little challenging with our lower-level ESL students, but our higher-level students can do this and would benefit from it.

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        Mary Baxter

        I agree that it is difficult to add a lot of peer-to-peer interaction in Blackboard. Discussion forums are the best for this but it takes a lot of effort to teach students how to use them!

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        Joan Duffie

        I do to! Most of my night students work in the industries and they tend to understand the lessons when I incorporate their job skills into the lessons.

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      Annette Merier

      I would rate myself between developing and proficient in these areas.  I connect lessons to real-life situations but usually, this consists of telling the students how the skill can be used in the real world or the workforce.  I would like to incorporate more real-life examples.   As for peer-to-peer, we use the chatbox regularly and I have added discussions however not all the students do the questions regularly.  I would like to have enough students to have breakout groups but I currently don’t have enough students and we have discussions in the main room as a whole group.

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