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      Let’s discuss integration in our YouthBuild programs.

      • What is integration?
      • How does your program define integration?
      • How does this compare to the definition provided in this course?
      • Is integration deep or shallow in your program (use the Law of Integration Depth)?
      • What secondary content do you want to see implemented more deeply? Why?
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      1. integration is the process of blending two things together as one

      2. Our program defines integration as teaching subjects that overlap between academics, construction, and life skills

      3. Our level of integration is fairly shallow from what the lesson taught me.

      4.Shallow we could do a better job of blending

      5.I think independent living skills should be focused on a little more.

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        I agree Brandon, Independent living skills would be a very important and beneficial lesson to teach.

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          Candace Copenhaver

          Brandon, I too agree with the independent living skills. I believe teaching students how to shop on a budget would be helpful as well.

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        April Smart

        What is integration? Combining two things together
        How does your program define integration? We use a lot of the integration: Law of integration depth
        How does this compare to the definition provided in this course? It alines will with what we learned in the course
        Is integration deep or shallow in your program (use the Law of Integration Depth)? Yes it is deep in our program
        What secondary content do you want to see implemented more deeply? Why? More of employment added in so the students understand the job opportunities after YB

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          Teaching students how to shop on a budget is a great example of a life skill we could integrate.

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            I agree. I’d like to add general money management to that, including how to choose a bank and a credit card.

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          Alexandra Blockton

          I would also agree with you about students being able to learn budgeting.

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          I like that idea

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        Candace Copenhaver

        1) Integration is blending two or more classes together so that the student gets a real world feel while learning.

        2) I am unaware of an actual definition, as we have just recently been discussing integration. I do know that we have had some integration, but are discussing trying to get to a deeper level.

        3) I believe our level of integration is shallow to moderate. We have integrated some things, but not as many as we want or would like.

        4)I would like to see more focus on role play (scenarios) for on the job readiness for my Healthcare students.

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          Candace Copenhaver

          April, Do you have any tips on reaching the deep level of integration that you have?

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        • Integration is incorporating two topics together for young people to get a richer experience.
        • I don’t know if we have an official definition but when planning activities and lessons, we always discuss how to integrate.
        • I think in general we operate under the same definition of integration.
        • I think when planning is done intentionally, it is deep. When a curve ball gets tossed in and we’re working on the fly, it’s shallow.
        • I would like to incorporate more of the educational skills into our other topic areas. It will reinforce that topics like math and english are important to daily tasks as well.
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        Integration is combining and spreading the knowledge in different area for students to receive an enriching educational experience.

        My organization could improve integration through out the program. We are more in the shallow area as for now. However, I do see that we try to be more deep with integration while we do program planning.

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      • Integration is the blending of different items together to create one cohesive item.
      • Our program is in the process of rebuilding, partly because I do not believe we have been successful in quite a while in ‘integration’ as a whole.  Lessons have been taught but it was all fairly singular from what can gather – I could be completely wrong.  (I have not been here long enough to see an actual ‘cohort’ in action and there has been a huge turnover).
      • The program model for DEEP will be the goal we work towards as we get our new program up and running.
      • Our level of integration is severely lacking.. something that the staff now is looking to change.
      • Secondary content that we need in our program, especially in relation to COVID, is physical social interaction as it pertains to one-on-on or group settings.  Kids these days are so focused on their phones and saying whatever comes to their minds without thought because they hide behind a screen.  They have forgotten how to be polite and actually speak to each other.


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        Matt Fisher

        I agree too.  Independent living skills would be an inportant skill area to integrate throughout the YouthBuild program.  Any ideas Brandon on what specific skills to you would want to focus on?

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          Matt Fisher

          I appreciate you mentioning how young people’s inteactions with one another through text/social media via their phone, has created a skill set in some young people that needs to be further developed and stregthened.  I haven’t even considered that before.

          Does anyone have any thoughts on how we help the young people at our program’s expand their communciation skills with others so it leads to more thoughtful, polite and respectful conversations?

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            Amber Palmeri

            I agree–this isn’t something I’ve really thought about either. We’ve done “world cafes” in the past where we present a lesson on a topic and then Corpsmembers meet in small groups to discuss reflection questions and respond to each other. Prior to the group convos we discuss ground rules, expectations for communications, etc. It’s also helpful to have staff join the groups to model appropriate communication.

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              Matt Clerico

              Photo Voice is a great way to get young people to use their social media skills in a productive way!

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          Latonya McGee

          I agree with the thought of adding independent living skills to YouthBuild program would be beneficial to participants who are low level functioning and don’t have those basic skills.

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          Zanda Miller

          Agree. I would also add that due to Covid, we need to integrate technology across the curriculums- how to use it, use it in each course, know the language, etc.

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            Crystal Pena

            Technology across the curriculum is important especially with the direction the workplace is going.

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              I agree. I think we tend to assume they understand technology because they understand their phones and social media. Those are definitely valuable skills, but so is knowing how to attach a file to an email…..and checking your email.

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        Maria Cortez

        I agree with both Brandon and Cara. Independent living skills should be integrated to each program to support those participants who are living on their own/have plans to live on their own. It would help to connect them with resources as additional support, as well.

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          Maria Cortez

          Hi Brandon, we have created leadership councils across our sites to allow our young folks a space to use their voices and come up with creative ideas to keep their peers engages. This also serves as a space for our participants to advocate and engage with one another. It empowers them and challenges them in a positive way.

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            Amber Palmeri

            Maria, we do this, too. It’s been really helpful to have our young people’s voices included in our program planning. I’d be curious to get their thoughts on what integration looks like to them and if they have ideas on how we can deepen our integration across program strands.

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          Virginia Hamilton

          This seems like a really interesting concept. What topics do you discuss? I would be interested in trying to replicate this program at my YouthBuild site.

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          I agree that technology being integrated is vital to their success in program and in the workforce. For example, we’re currently virtual and managing a virtual calendar is a much needed skill for the virtual workforce. Prior to COVID, their use of the internet was primarily for recreational purposes, so this has been a big shift for them.

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        Miranda Valentine

        I agree with the phones. For my participants when they send me messages or emails it is like they forgot how to spell and put complete sentences together.

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        Alexandra Blockton

        Your definition of a richer experience within the highlight of your integrated meaning helps to assist in me thinking of integration being creative. Which will assist in students being able to expand their knowledge.

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      Matt Fisher

      1. Integration  is the blending of multiple concepts into one cohesive lesson/program

      2. Our program defines integration as providing the required core elements of the YouthBuild program model as distiinct seperate classes/courses.

      3. Based on the courses definition our idea of integration would be considered shallow integration.

      4. Based on what I learned our level of integration is shallow and it takes considerable thought, time and coordination to have a deeper integration at a program.

      5.  I think career readiness and workforce skill development could be integrated through out the YouthBuild program.

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        April Smart

        I agree with the points you have made. I think this is important to integrate into Youthbuild.

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      Amber Palmeri

      1.  Blending concepts from each strand of programming into one cohesive lesson/curriculum.

      2. Reinforcing skills learned in individual strands throughout each programmatic component.

      3.  I think our definition aligns fairly close to the course description, however, what implementation looks like on a day-to-day basis in our program does not align with this. I think we can do better by implementing some of the ideas learned from the course.

      4. Shallow. One challenge we need to think through is how do we make sure we prioritize this and develop a plan for integration that doesn’t just feel for our instructors like “one more thing” to think about or plan for.

      5. I’d like to see more content from our career readiness training implemented more deeply throughout all the strands. That curriculum includes many skills (communication, conflict management, goal setting, self-advocacy, etc.) that are relevant for each of the other strands.

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        April Smart

        I agree with your points being made. I feel the same way about adding more content from our career readiness training implemented more deeply, I think this is an important aspect of what life after Youthbuild could look like.

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      Maria Cortez

      Integration is blending content and subject to create learning objectives.

      Our program allows our participants to gain work experience in either conservation, recycling or construction, as well as gain employability and life skills.

      The integration is fair out our program, but the goal would be a deep integration.

      I think the implementation is the area that might be lacking.

      I would like to see more activities around leadership in our program. We have started with leadership councils across our sites, but there is much more that can be done to empower our young folks and make them feel confident in stepping up to leadership roles.

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        Virginia Hamilton

        Totally agree with you Amber, these are even skills that I as an adult struggle with! The more we can teach skills such as self-advocacy, conflict management, and goal setting the better!

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      Virginia Hamilton

      I would define integration is the process of bringing different aspects together into a single functioning system At Project YES YouthBuild we try to integrate life skills and leadership skills into our daily programing, to make a more well rounded curriculum. I think this course is helping me to better understand that integrating isn’t just setting time aside during lessons to discuss leadership, but really spreading it throughout real work examples. I would argue that our integration is still very shallow because we are separating time during the lesson for leadership instead of really contextualizing it. I think leadership and job skills should be integrated in whatever we do, because those are the skills that will really set our members apart from other youth their age.

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        Deanna Stewart

        Hi, Virginia! You made a great point about integration within your program when you talked about contextualizing the content. I believe that is what keeps our program in that shallow space as well. We do our absolute best to set aside time for these topics, but adding them in each aspect of YouthBuild to demonstrate it from a real world perspective is really important!

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        Ella Varney

        Hi Virginia,

        I really appreciated the points you made and your honesty about ways your program could continue improving on integration. It made me reflect on my own program — I think an example of when we were most effective at this was when we used potential scenarios from a job site to help students study for the NCCER employability test. That unit felt like the easiest for integration of career readiness/leadership/etc lessons into workforce development lessons, and I think we need to use that framework in other lessons even if it less of an obvious integration.

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      Latonya McGee

      Integration is the process of blending different content subjects with one lesson or class.

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      Latonya McGee

      This is a great learning resource.

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      Z. Stone
      • What is integration?
        • integration is helping students to learn the things we believe will be prepare them for their next steps, through fully formed lessons that make it real & accessible fo them
      • How does your program define integration?
        • we have a large, complex program so integration looks a lot of different ways depending on the topics at hand
      • How does this compare to the definition provided in this course?
        • we could do better with fine tuning the integration in certain areas; making sure we are pushing the limits unnecessarily & being more intentional of the depths of the layers in other areas
      • Is integration deep or shallow in your program (use the Law of Integration Depth)?
        • mixed across the program
      • What secondary content do you want to see implemented more deeply? Why?
        • The idea of ‘Professionalism’ is something we have been wrestling with & I think proper integration would help us. We shouldn’t be following general oppressive standards of ‘professionalism’, rather working to use it in the context of the student experience so they opt into it as they choose their career paths
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        Deanna Stewart

        I can truly identify with you when you mention the idea of professionalism. That can be a challenge for our program as well. (Especially professionalism with communication – using emailing as the main mode of communication!) You mentioned straying away from the “general oppressive standards of professionalism” and using the student’s experience to contextualize it so it fits their future career. I believe that concept is amazing. It’s a great way of breaking down that barrier for our students! Thank you for sharing your perspective on that!

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          I like the manner in which your response is clear and succinct. Mine is a bit wordy. Thank you for providing and outline in chronicling the content.

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      Deanna Stewart


      • What is integration?
        • Integration is the process of taking different skills and/or knowledge, blending them together and spreading them across a program.
      • How does your program define integration?
        • YBMC defines integration on a smaller scale. Integration for us is not program-wide, just yet. However, we do a solid job at integrating vocation and education or integrating vocation and case management/career center. For example, our healthcare and English instructors have found a great way to integrate their coursework using vocabulary, articles, and hands-practices.
      • How does this compare to the definition provided in this course?
        • In comparison to the definition of integration in the course, our program is still working on being integrated across the board. There is a lot of communication on how we can take skills/knowledge and apply them program-wide. However, the actions have not been demonstrated just yet. We are truly a work in progress!
      • Is integration deep or shallow in your program (use the Law of Integration Depth)?
        • It is shallow; however, like many others, we are working towards deep integration. We have moments of integration, but we are striving to make it more consistent.
      • What secondary content do you want to see implemented more deeply? Why?
        • YBMC does a great job at implementing secondary content weekly. We focus on college readiness, career readiness, independent living, social and emotional skills, and more. However, I think our student population could always use more help with career readiness. Most of them will graduate from YouthBuild with the credentials and training to join the workforce immediately. So, it is important that we are preparing them for that!
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      Zanda Miller

      I agree with all stated. I feel our program is shallow and needs to develop and incorporate intergration of various skills on a deeper level. I believe all staff should be required to actively participate in this training, we should then work towards writing concrete objectives for each area and work as a team towards incorporating this information.

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      Miranda Valentine
      • Integration is blending multiple concepts into one cohesive lesson/program.
      • Our program uses integration in all parts of YB, Academics, Construction, Life Skills, Job Development Training.
      • According to the definition we need to do a better job at integration.
      • I feel during remote working the integration was shallow but since being back in the office the staff is able to meet often. This cycle with participants hopefully we are deep integration to help prepare the participants for employment or post secondary education.
      • I would like for our program to touch on phone etiquette. The messages and emails that come from them, some I can not understand.
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      1. Integration is the synthesis of information or texts (both figurative and concrete). The purpose, much like interdisciplinary research, and delivery,  is to combine knowledge to further examine a thought, idea, process or phenomenon.  As related to AmeriCorps YouthBuild, the manner in which Integration is engaged in processes greatly impacts the student and member population.  It is a critical component consistent and congruent service delivery for participant, the organization and the community as whole.

      In ensuring that programmatic measures equally engage all laws, but more specifically The Law of Equal Importance (Service-Learning) The Law of Integration ( Discipline, Employment, Socio-Emotional Development & The Principles of Leadership), as well as identifying  viable curriculum and content,  via the Law of Primary and Secondary Content, measures for sustainability can ensue. These concepts ultimately create  a foundation to ensure The Common YouthBuild Program Culture Elements:

      -Respect for Young People

      -Focus on a Successful Future

      -Strong and Supportive Staff

      -High Standards and Expectations

      – Strong and Supportive Community Atmosphere

      2.) Our Program Likely has varied definitions of Integration, and applies that which is needed to fulfill  plethora of different purpose. At this time, multiple grants… with juxtaposed aims, measures, and outcomes, are hosted within a ” YouthBuild AmeriCorps” Structure. YouthBuild is maintained as a space. Creating an intersectional purpose has posed great challenge. While the foundation and structure was created at our program years ago, the overarching theme and platform is presented as malleable. Our team is working to Integrate programs that are segmented, to create a resurgence of community interest, and revitalize the platform of YouthBuild that is celebrated across the continental U.S. and abroad.

      3. Integration  is deep in for the purposes of presentation, but in retrospect VERY SHALLOW and segmented.

      4. All Content is Secondary, unfortunately the Content of YouthBuild AmeriCorps is presented as Secondary. The Primary Content of the Program is whatever grant takes precedence at the time. “YouthBuild” as the space is referred, is more like an incubator, for lack of a stronger term.

      Pardon The Length and Font, Clerico.

      As An AmeriCorps VISTA Alumna- I understand the programmatic differences of this platform and strive to remain on the cusp of transformation while preserving legacy.







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        Crystal Pena

        I agree with this! Phone etiquette cannot be understated.

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      Alexandra Blockton

      1) What is integration?

      Integration is the act of bringing together smaller components into a single system that functions as one. These links usually are established between the components of the process and control layer of each system to promote the free flow of data across systems.


      2) How does your program define integration? I would say my program would define integration with students being able to earn their GED Diploma during the same time they are earning their trade. Such as I.T., Construction, and C.N.A, etc.  Along with the Career Development class that is required for YouthBuild students.  Different subjects are taught within the YouthBuild program buut mostly these skills are taught seperately.

      3) How does this compare to the definition provided in this course?

      As I review it, I don’t really see a comparison. All subjects are taught in online format that each subject is taught separately in regards to GED classes (which are now currently being taught online due to COVID-19). As for hands on classes for trades, those are in-person with COVID-19 rules and regulations.


      4) Is integration deep or shallow in your program (use the Law of Integration Depth)?

      I would consider Integration to be shallow within my program. (Different subjects are taught within the YouthBuild program but mostly these skills are taught seperately. SHALLOW


      5)  What secondary content do want to see implemented more?

      Culture of Service is what I would like to see more of within my YouthBuild program.


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      Crystal Pena
      • What is integration?
        • Integration is the process of blending skills across the program
      • How does your program define integration?
        • QYB defines integration with some parts of the program.
      • How does this compare to the definition provided in this course?
        • In comparison to the definition of integration in the course, our program is not integrating to the extent we could be.
      • Is integration deep or shallow in your program (use the Law of Integration Depth)?
        • It is shallow
      • What secondary content do you want to see implemented more deeply? Why?
        • I would like to see 21st century skills implemented more deeply.
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      Integration is the blending of different content across a class or lesson. Our program is shallow on integration. A secondary skill that I would like to see is more customer skills, that would transfer across different occupational skills

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      1. Integration  is the blending of academics, vocation, and/or service into one class, course, or day.

      2. Our program defines integration the same way.

      3. Based on the courses definition our idea of integration would be usually be considered shallow, though not always.

      4. Based on what I learned our level of integration is shallow. We are set up so vocation and academics are separate, though we do try to integrate service into both.

      5.  I think vocation and academics should be more obviously integrated. Maybe service can be the common link?

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        I agree my organization could improve on integrating  better

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