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      Pierre LaFun

      How you do plan to grow and learn as a teacher in 2021?  What steps do you take as a professional to ensure that you are constantly growing as an educator?

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      Sara Mercer

      I plan on taking the information learned through these courses to help better engage my students in the learning environment. I want to encourage them as well as keep them on task. I have been signing up for many different classes to help me create a learning environment that suits their needs. This is a true challenge. We have always had online classes, but never like this.

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        Jackie Roach

        I agree Sara. I want to keep my students motivated too. It seems much more difficult to do that with an online course than it does face-to-face. So I always welcome ideas on how to motivate my students more.

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          Cecila Adamson

          Hi Sara,

          I agree. This course has definitely been different compared to many other online trainings that I have participated. I always gain something new from each training; however, this one by far has been the most engaging. I want to practice getting better at engaging students more effectively online.

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          Zina Matthews-Holmes

          Hello, I’m Zina.


          I agree that we become much better instructors when we challenge ourselves to learn something new and then implement it in the class immediately.




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            Zina Matthews-Holmes

            Hi there Cecilia,


            I find that when I allow myself to be humble and speak with my colleagues about what I may struggle with, they are always helpful in sharing ideas and strategies on how I can hone my craft.

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          Annette Merier

          I agree with you that we have never had online classes like this.  The classes that we have had in the past were not very engaging and students really had to have internal motivation and want to learn.  Now we have the opportunity to be interactive and help our students be engaged and learn more.

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        Brianna Gillis

        I agree Sara.  I want to create a learning environment for students that meets their needs while keeping them encouraged and motivated.  It has been a challenge for me also with the obstacles that so many are facing, but they seem to be adjusting well.

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        Roxie Carroll

        I plan on continuing additional training in various technical software, especially Captivate, and adapt it to provide additional lessons and resources for my classes.

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        I have already shared several new ideas that I have gained from this course with my instructors.  I hope to relieve some of their anxiety about this online teaching experience and show them new concepts on how to keep the themselves and the students motivated to learn.  I hope to explore new techniques to make online and classroom learning more engaging and FUN!

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        Zina Matthews-Holmes

        For me the way to grow and learn as an educator, is to constantly challenge myself, use best practices, implement at least 2 of the new strategies I learn.  Consistently participate and immerse myself in Professional Development courses that would benefit my students.  It is through them that I learn to be the very best me.





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        Annette Merier

        I plan to grow by implementing the information I have learned in this and other courses I have taken.  I want to use the information to help my students be successful and to help my class be more effective, interactive, and interesting.  I plan to continue to take all available courses to help me learn more and become a better instructor.

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      Jackie Roach

      I am always looking for ways to improve, and I will take what is beneficial to me from this course and apply it to my online instruction. I have learned bits and pieces from different webinars that I have found helpful and useful for my students.

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        Peggy Wilson

        I plan to grow and learn as a teacher in 2021 by continuing to implement the strategies I have learned and am learning for online course development and utilization.  New ideas are popping into my mind as I complete Session 4, and I am anxious to use them!

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      Brianna Gillis

      I plan to learn and grow as a teacher in 2021 by taking the strategies and information learned in these courses, as well as participating in staff development and other courses, and getting ideas from other instructors on how to engage my students online and and in the class.  I also want to keep students motivated and encouraged to reach their goals.  I will also share ideas and strategies with my coworkers.

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        Cecila Adamson

        Hi Jackie,

        I agree. I think it’s important that as an educator, we continue to participate in lifelong learning activities and trainings. As education continues to change and advance, we must find ways to improve our teaching strategies to meet the needs of all students.

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          Laura Sanabria


          Yes, that is the key. This is a life-long process. We have to keep educating ourselves. It is easy for most of us because we really love what we are doing. But it requires effort and a spirit of taking on the challenge.

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        Sophia Azhar

        I agree Briana, it is very important and beneficial when teachers work together and collaborate.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel.  Sharing strategies and ideas makes everyone’s life easier.

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        Good for you, Peggy.  Growing and accepting new concepts to implement is the key.  Some are not so anxious to try new ways to teach.  Your students will reap the benefits 🙂

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        Sara Mercer

        Sharing ideas is so helpful.  I find myself asking for ideas all the time from my co-workers.

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      Cecila Adamson

      I plan to use the information I have learned throughout this training and apply that knowledge into the classroom to help students excel academically and professionally. The most important steps I think an educator can take is to make students feel important and make learning engaging and fun. I do my best to facilitate this type of environment so that students will accomplish their goals.

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        Brianna Gillis

        I agree Cecila.  I try to facilitate that type of learning environment for my students also.  You’re right, when they feel important and welcome and when learning is engaging and fun they can excel.

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          Peggy Wilson

          Cecilia, I agree that it is important for an educator to make students feel important and make learning engaging and fun.  Regular communication with online students is critical for accomplishing this.

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          Annette Merier

          I agree that keeping learning engaging and fun is important.  If they are engaged and having fun then students are more likely to be successful.   I believe this also motivates them because once they are successful even at a small task then they feel that they are able to be successful at other tasks.

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        Sophia Azhar

        I agree Cecelia, it is really important for the student to feel important and to make learning engaging and fun.  Sometimes, we forget to have fun in the classroom environment.

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      Peggy Wilson

      Jackie, sharing ideas is a great wat to improve in online instruction.  I am looking forward to hearing of your successful online experiences!

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      Sophia Azhar

      I am enrolled in this training and already I have learned so much.  My goal is implement several of the strategies that I have learnt so far.  I am using the “sprint” method where I break the information into short mini lessons.  Another strategy that I consistently use is “progress” where I give consistent, frequent and timely feedback to my students.

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        Laura Sanabria


        You are spot on! I have learned so much already from the previous 3 courses. I realize that after the holiday break, I need to brush up on some concepts.  Try to incorporate more. There are so many strategies that can be applied. The process of designing is a bit overwhelming.

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        Mary Baxter

        It’s great that you are already using the strategies we learned in your classroom! Application is the best way to fully learn.

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      Laura Sanabria

      I am re-hauling my lesson plans. I am trying to re-design them with particular focus on relevance and value. I’ve started using the chat frequently for instant feedback, and using breakout sessions and padlet to engage and make the classroom experience more interactive. Music has been included in my routine and a 10 minute break each hour is included to let students recharge. They have finally adapted to my 1 minute of music routine where we stretch and move around as a group.

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        Roxie Carroll

        I’m reworking lesson plans as well, Laura.  I think I’m always adjusting them to accomodate the students that I have each semester. I especially like to make them relevant to their lives.

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        Kudos to you, Laura for being willing to make changes to benefit your students.

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        Mary Baxter

        It sounds like you have really implemented these strategies well in your own classroom! How are they going?

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      Roxie Carroll

      First, I plan on responding in the right location. I then hope to improve my technical skills in various software to use in the classroom.

      And for some reason, my text is hidden, and I typing this blind. I can only see it when selected.

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        Sara Mercer

        Mine does that to when I post an initial response to the original post.  It is annoying.

        And I am working on my technical skills myself.  These virtual classes are challenging in that way.

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      Mary Baxter

      In order to grow in my work, I plan to attend professional development opportunities and to observe other teachers and administrators who are doing excellent work in their classrooms and programs. I also rely on the feedback of peers, administrators, and students.

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