Course 3 Discussion Question #2

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      Katie Holloway

      Choose ONE option and respond. 

      Option A 

      Review the ARENA acronym for communication.  The ARENA acronym provide structure to the different types of asynchronous support (cognitive, psychological, and social) messages that learners need as they navigate an asynchronous learning path.

      How can the ARENA acronym help you provide consistent asynchronous support to learners needs as they navigate their asynchronous learning path?

      Option B

      Review the ARENA Decision Tree.  The Decision Tree provides a sequence for choosing an asynchronous support message’s purpose, vehicle, and multi-sensory medium. How do you currently make decisions about the type of asynchronous support communication you provide?  How does this decision tree compare to your decision-making process? How can the decision tree help you as you plan asynchronous support?

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