Course 3 Discussion Question #1

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      Pierre LaFun
      Review the Facilitation Manual: Live Session Content Section.  Review the Eight Strategies for Overcoming Reluctant and Resistant Behaviors, and the slide deck for the live session.  The content, the sequence of the content, and the organization and presentation of information in the slide deck are intentionally designed to create a learning experience that is
      •  Visible
      •  Interactive and multi-sensory
      • Psychologically Safe
      • Socially Non-Threatening
      Understanding the design and how to deliver the content in the slide deck will help you facilitate a student-centered learning experience. When you understand the design, you will make better delivery decisions as a facilitator. In your own words, describe how the slide deck design and  for the Eight Strategies for Overcoming Reluctant and Resistant Behaviors is designed to meet each of these four needs. Give examples and be specific when possible.
      1. Make learning visible
      2. Make learning interactive and multi-sensory
      3. Make learning psychologically safe
      4. Make learning socially non-threatening
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