Course 3 Discussion Question #1

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      Katie Holloway
      This DQ has three parts:
      1. Which category of synchronous interaction strategies* do you want to engage more deeply in your practice?
      2. What challenges do you anticipate from students?
      3. How can the safe path help you overcome student reluctance and apathy?
      *category examples include  long response, short response, MAC, or invisible

      Part C: Interaction with Community
      • Respond to at least two of your peers.

      Posting Instructions:
      Hit reply to this thread to post your initial response. Do not start a new topic. Only start a new topic when you are starting a new thread of conversation.
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      I will incorporate MAC interaction-music in my class.  When the students are working in my class,  I will play music in the background. Most of my students are in different learning levels so I usually teach one on one. I usually set up my students as they come to class. I go over my expectations for the day and the lesson that the student are supposed to be doing. I will let the student pick the song of their choice as long as it is clean and appropriate. The challenge would be the focus of my student’s attention. I will make sure to redirect the focus of my students to the learning objective.

      The safe path formula will help me to encourage more students to participate and to engage in the learning process. The purpose not power is very effective in our school demographic. I am transparent and respectful for the opinion of my students. As a teacher, it my responsibility to create a safe and a sense of belonging in my classroom.

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