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      Katie Holloway

      What is the biggest personal challenge you face in teaching online and interacting with students in an online interface?

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      Shelia Hall

      Hi Erica and Shaquana

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        Sara Mercer

        This may be redundant to say, but getting participation from students is hard.  I think many log in and just walk away from the computer for a while or zone out.

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          Sara Mercer

          Oops replied to wrong thread…  Learning

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      Shelia Hall

      My biggest challenge keeping my online students engage.

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        Ericka Reid

        Hi Shelia! I’ve tired some of the new techniques we have learned from this course. So far, the students are liking the new changes and they even say that they no longer feel rushed. I’m still working on getting the online students to want to answer questions though.

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      Laura Sanabria

      My biggest challenge lately is how to create a sense of community with my students. While I was in the classroom, it was less complicated. The online is a cold medium and it requires a different approach. I already am beginning to see, after our first live session, certain tricks to creating community. If I can get students to feel like they are essential components of the group, they will stay engaged and support each other.

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        Sophia Azhar

        I agree, these days with virtual classes, students do not feel like they are a part of the community.  Some of my students do not turn their camera on so I do not even know what they look like.  I try to have a discussion about current events and try to get the students to open up at the beginning of each class.

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          Mary Baxter

          Sophia, I think we can all relate to the challenge of building community. Have the current events discussions helped?

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            Laura Sanabria


            The no camera image bothers me. I am beginning to tell them that – no picture? no class attendance – but the students following a class on their phone are handicapped because I don’t think they can see the posted screen and show their image simultaneously. It’s SO important to be able to see their faces!

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              Annette Merier

              I agree seeing a them is important.  I ask them to check in with the camera on but allow them to turn it off while they are participating in class as long as they show that they are participating like putting comment in chat or answering with the microphone.  I have noticed that some students are hesitant to participate with the camera on.  I think that some of them are shy or don’t want to worry about what they look like during the lesson or even worried that the area they are working in is messy.

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          Ericka Reid

          That’s a great idea! I try to make myself very enthusiastic about math which causes everyone online to say that math is terrible. I then go back and forth with all of them trying to convince them how math is awesome. It makes them laugh and breaks the ice some.

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        Joan Duffie

        Yes Sheila I agree! There is always a life crisis keeping them from working online!..

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          Annette Merier

          Yes, I agree.  I see this with my students also.

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        Matt Rector

        I really relate to this Laura. I used to feel like my classrooms were a safe space for my students where they could get a break from stress in their lives, and we could build relationships. Moving online makes that so much more challenging.

        I wonder what strategies you and your colleagues are trying to build community online?

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        Roxie Carroll

        That was a challenge for me too at the beginning of the fall semester. I had all brand new students. (We had already had built a good sense of community when we started in March, so it was sort of seamless.) However, it took a bit more work with new students coming up. However, I think we’re getting there.

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          Laura Sanabria


          I’ve started using What’s App to provoke responses to 2 weekly questions. They are 1 – a riddle. They always get the answers! 2- Question of the week. Some respond, others do not.  For now, all I want to do is get them accustomed to the activity. I would like to see them interacting with each other, rather than just to me. For Thanksgiving I asked Are you celebrating Thanksgiving?  Send me a picture. I got some cool photos posted on our What’s App.

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        Brianna Gillis

        I agree Laura.  This has been a challenge for me too.  A sense of community in the classroom is easier to develop, but we working on this.

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        Jackie Roach

        I absolutely agree!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        Joan l Duffie

        I feel the same.. too many distractions

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      Honoray Ard

      My biggest challenge is keeping them encouraged from a distance.

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      Matt Rector

      Welcome back for course 3 Georgia educators!

      My name is Matt Rector, I am Education Coordinator at the SEAT Center in Schenectady, NY and your Instructional Coach for this course. I have been teaching young adult learners for about ten years. I’ve met many of you through our coaching sessions in course 1 and 2.

      Our programs went from in-person to online abruptly last March and we have been running both online and in-person classes since September, as state regulations allow. The biggest challenge for me in shifting online was building the sense of community and togetherness we always had in the building. Many of my students and colleagues told me things just didn’t feel the same.

      Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

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        Roxie Carroll

        and I hope to see you again next Wednesday, Matt.

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        Jackie Roach

        Bingo. Me too!!!!

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        Joan l Duffie

        Yes I agree!. I miss one on one teaching in person!

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      Roxie Carroll

      My biggest challenge is the lack of technology, or technical knowlege, that my students have. Many of my students have only a phone. That being said, I’m very proud of their persistence to continue in the program.

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        Brianna Gillis

        I have the same challenge Roxie.  Most of my students are trying to do the best they can with what they have.

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      Brianna Gillis

      My biggest challenge is the lack of technology for my students.  Most of them only have cell phones and do not have access to the internet when their mobile data runs out.  The students that have other devices seem to participate and interact more.

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        Mary Baxter

        That is a good point, Brianna. Most of our students use cell phones as well which makes participation more difficult.

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        Sara Mercer

        This is also an issue in my very rural small town.  Many join on their phones, but the connection is awful.  They will have to rejoin sometimes 6 or 7 times.

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      Mary Baxter

      One of the biggest challenges with ESL students has been familiarizing them with the feature of online platforms in order to improve student engagement.

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      Jackie Roach

      One of my biggest challenges is keeping my students engaged in an online program. Another challenge is the lack of technology for my students. I have a student that is trying to do Blackboard, but her laptop doesn’t have Power Point or Microsoft Word. This greatly inhibits her ability to do all of the assignments.

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      Joan l Duffie

      My biggest challenge is keeping students engaged and away from distractions

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      Ericka Reid

      My biggest challenge is making sure that I have all assignments, materials, and announcements posted in a timely fashion. Between making sure to find OER material, making sure that the documents are editable, and making sure that Blackboard does not flag the material as having accessibility issues, I can miscalculate the amount of time it takes for me to post assignments.

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      Annette Merier

      The biggest personal challenge that I face is keeping the students engaged and away from distractions. There are many distractions the students face at home including children, other people, phones, pets, etc.

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