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      Katie Holloway
      How can the Sprint Formula help you structure your online learning sessions and how will use the formula to increase your effectiveness?
      In your own words…
      • Which elements of the Sprint Formula do you currently implement effectively? Which elements do you overlook or do you wish you were more effective with?
      • Describe how you will use the Sprint Formula to help you more effectively organize your live online learning sessions?

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      Roxie Carroll

      I think I implement the Content Sprints and the Exit ramp effectively. I need to work a bit on the Entrance Ramp. Although, I do engage in Housekeeping at the beginning of the course, I don’t review it as often as I should throughout the course.

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        Sara Mercer

        I am the same way.  I address it in the beginning, but really need to focus on reiterating housekeeping measures regularly.  I have created a power point that will play as we are waiting for them to enter.  That may help with some of it for me.

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          Roxie Carroll

          I made a new powerpoint as well. As new students enter, I still need to go over it with them, so I just review it with the entire class.

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            Lauran Willard

            I need to review more also.

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              Sophia Azhar

              Same here. I feel like all of us could review more often.  I have to remember to do that.

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              Zina Matthews-Holmes

              I’ve just created the PPT and will use it as a loop both for incoming students and for students who are continuing to attend my class to serve as a reminder.

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            I love that idea of a power point that runs as they enter the classroom. This will help out tremendously with the housekeeping part.

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              Joan Duffie

              I agree Jackie, because when you are working on others things or other students, the incoming students knows what to do!

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                Annette Merier

                I like the idea too.  I have been using a Powerpoint but since I have been attending this course I have added more information to it.

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                Sylvie Archer

                I like the idea also. However, it poses one issue; students do not always enter the class at the same time. So you could easily run into the issue of having to keep restarting it.

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            Sylvie Archer

            I agree 100%. It’s easy to lose sight of that.

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          True, housekeeping is reiterated throughout the lesson to keep things running smoothly and students reminded.

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        Brianna Gillis

        I also need to focus more on housekeeping throughout the sessions.

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          Sophia Azhar

          I agree, housekeeping is something that I rush through sometimes because there is so much content to cover.  I will try to use it more effectively.

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          Ericka Reid

          I have to agree with this. Especially since recently, the students are forgetting to mute their microphones. Housekeeping is really just another way of classroom management. Since I continue to reinforce those, I should do this even online. I think this will make the class more manageable and less stressful for all of the students.

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            Deborah Jones

            I understand completely.  I am going to have to work on my housekeeping at the end.

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              Deborah Jones

              Yes, housekeeping is nothing more than classroom management.  This keeps the class in align so everyone is on the same page.

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              Shelia Hall

              I am doing a tutorial  with my students on how to use blackboard on the computer if they are in class and on their phone .

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          Peggy Wilson

          I  need to focus on housekeeping throughout the session as well.  It is easy for students to put a session on “auto pilot”, focus on distractions, and  tune out the session.

        • #25335
          Joan Duffie

          Good Idea!.

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          Chasidy Parks

          I agree housekeeping is definitely a challenge for me also.

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        Peggy Wilson

        Currently, I use most of the Entrance Ramp Steps.  I would like to be more effective in the Content Sprints.

        I will use the  Sprint  Formula to maintain a definite beginning, middle, and end to my live learning sessions.  I need to become more experienced with the platform before I can successfully plan and implement  Content Sprints of practice and application while conducting a live learning session.

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          Mary Baxter

          Peggy, you are right about the sprint formula providing a beginning, middle, and end to a lesson. It is helpful to have this consistent structure.

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          Laura Sanabria


          Good point. Content, and reducing to those components – beginning, middle end -is my main challenge. I think this will help my effectiveness as soon as I feel more comfortable and experienced using this system. At the very least, using this method will help me to focus on the important stuff and avoid packing too much into the lesson.

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        Zina Matthews-Holmes

        Just recently I developed a slides presentation of housekeeping bulletins that all students will watch upon entering my class.  This will be shown on a loop for students who enter each week and serve as a reminder for the ones who are continuing to attend class.


        I like to use the sprint formula as a means to the beginning, middle and end of my class.  I admit that I’m new to implementing it and now have to wait until classes begin next year.  I’m ready!!



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        Sylvie Archer

        I have begun employing the entrance ramp and content sprints, primarily. However, I need to continue to work more on it in order to develop proficiency. I have always provided housekeeping in the form of a Word document shared on the screen or verbally. But I like the idea of the slide decks. overall, I am definitely liking the idea of pacing the lessons to prevent overload of information.

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      Sara Mercer

      I need to clean up all of it.  I really need to work more on the entrance ramp.  I skip over many of the housekeeping parts because I think they should know it, but this is a new process for us all so I probably need to address housekeeping more often.

      For the content sprints, I need to add in more common experience.  I quickly check for background knowledge but need to do more of that in order to truly build on what they already know.

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        Roxie Carroll

        Fortunately, I’ve started teaching ESL (a retired Math teacher and at the age of 63). Teaching language makes it quite easy to connect to comon experiences. I always had to put a bit more thought and planning when making these personal connections when teaching math.

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          Peggy Wilson

          Making personal  connections is an area I love, but need to use more often.

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        Brianna Gillis

        Sara, I agree.  I need to focus more on the entrance ramp like housekeeping because we think students already now this.

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        Ericka Reid

        That’s a great idea to build on what they already know. I try to use their work experience as a way to show how important the content is.

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        Shaquanna Tuck

        I agree that improvement can be made in all areas of the sprint formula especially housekeeping.  It may seem like such a small thing to review about how to use the chat, to mute or unmute, to turn video, etc., but it can be just want our students need to feel more comfortable with the technology they will be using.

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      Lauran Willard

      I will definitely use flash reviews. This seems to be an effective way to pull all the information together for students while making sure students have retained necessary information.

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        Roxie Carroll

        I use quick Flash Reviews all the time during lessons. They’re something I pull out in a variety of different formats.

        • #25213

          Flash Reviews are great.  Experienced educators can use them effectively and are great for newer professionals to practice.  They keep students engaged and are great guideposts for knowledge acquisition and retention.

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      Brianna Gillis

      I having been using some parts of the entrance ramp, content sprints, and exit ramp, but I need to implement all steps in each.  I provide housekeeping, but I need to focus more on norms of engagement by providing expectations and letting my students know what they need to be prepared for.  I need to break my agenda up into 3 chunks.  I have been using the chatbox for engagement and using polls for attendance since I have begun this course and it is working great.  By implementing the sprint formula I will have more organized and effective learning sessions for my students.

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        I agree. Flash reviews are a great way to gauge student progress and they can keep the students engaged and interested in the learning process. I use them frequently throughout the learning process in my classroom.

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        Philandria Williams

        I need to work on expectations as well. Sometimes I assume students know the expectations, which is a mistake.

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      As stated before by several other educators here, in the learning process, after the on ramp, utilizing 3-4 small sprint sessions of teaching is difficult when dealing with a hybrid class of in-class learners and online virtual students.  This model is hard to juggle without an extremely organized and well thought out/ executed lesson.  Not to mention the external variables of other students in need knocking on your door, distractions from learners in their homes, internet connectivity, etc.

      Creating this and gaining the skills in an ongoing process that we are all wading through to find the right balance to maximize the learners’ experiences.

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        Brianna Gillis

        I agree James.  It is hard to juggle in class and online students with these types of external variables that happen daily .  Organization is key.

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        Laura Sanabria

        Spot on James! The distractions you can’t control are a major impediment in online teaching. We can no longer close the door in our classroom to avoid outside interference. I think that underscores your comment on having a highly organized and well-thought out plan because we are competing with so many external factors: family interruptions, internet issues, and equipment deficiencies. We  need to provide consistency and structure to counter balance.

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      Sophia Azhar

      I was not using the entrance ramp effectively.  I would take attendance but was not using NOE.  Now I use it in every class.  I have also decided to incorporate state change in my lessons.  It is very important for all of us to get up and stretch periodically to get the energy back.

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      Ericka Reid

      Currently, I know I am using the Content sprint and the exit ramp effectively. Looking at the other responses, I believe all of us are using these two effectively. It gives my students time to digest the information before we move on and allows me to catch any confession. The content sprint helped me to know in one lesson that my students would confuse phenotype and genotype. So I made sure to go over these again before moving on.

      I need to work on the entrance ramp. I typically feel like I have to go ahead and start the lesson, but having a nice housekeeping moment can allow both me and the students some breathing room.

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        Philandria Williams

        My response was entrance ramp as well. I think “breathing room” is a great way to describe what you said.

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        Shaquanna Tuck

        I too have felt at times the urge to start teaching the content asap because it feels that our time is so limited, but this course is a great reminder of the importance of using the elements of the “entrance ramp.”

    • #25248

      I need to do better with the entrance ramp. I take attendance, but honestly, that’s about all. I guess I figure they should know all of the other aspects of it, so I tend to skip over everything but the attendance. I need to implement this part of the instructional process better. I do much better with the content sprints because I frequently do flash reviews to make sure the students are understanding the content adequately.

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        Mary Baxter

        It is very easy to assume that students already know the material covered during the entrance ramp and I agree with you that I often feel like the lesson should go ahead and get started. But having observed a couple of teachers in our program who do provide entrance ramp material, I have seen that students benefit from the repeated information.

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      Sophia Azhar

      I think I need to improve my entrance ramp a little.  I don’t really go over housekeeping or how to navigate the medium with the students.  My goal is to incorporate it into every lesson.  I will also use “state change” from now on.  It is very important for students to stand up and move about after every 15-20 minutes.

      • #25795
        Annette Merier

        I am also working to start adding in state changes.  I believe that this helps students stay focused.  It also helps me because I like to stand after sitting a while.

    • #25266
      Deborah Jones


      I feel like I implement the entrance ram, transition and content links.  However, at the end I do not a lot of reminders and announcements.  I normally explain the next steps and go into answering general questions.

      I will incorporate a powerpoint for the Sprint Formula to ensure all areas are implemented effectively.

    • #25290
      Mary Baxter

      The sprints model is an effective teaching strategy because it structures the lesson in an organized and comprehensive way. I am not currently teaching, but I provide support for our teachers. They are all using some components of the sprint formula. I often see housekeeping, agendas, common experiences, content sprints, and questions. I would like to help them incorporate each step into their online teaching, including some of the steps that aren’t utilized as much.

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      Philandria Williams

      I am not teaching at the moment, but in the past, I have done pretty well with the exit ramp. I need to be more effective with the entrance ramp, specifically the norms and agenda. The sprint formula can help organize live learning sessions because it literally gives a roadmap to follow with visuals. As lessons are planned, I can use the visual to make sure I’m hitting every mark on the road.

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      Shaquanna Tuck

      After beginning this course, I have tried implementing more the element of engagement.  I have created and used some polls to solicit student input to gauge their knowledge of a specific topic.  I also feel I have often incorporated aspects of the exit ramp to bring a lesson to a conclusion and to give students specifics instructions as to what’s coming up next and any assignments that should be completed.

      I wish to improve across the board using the Sprint Formula.  I will start first with the elements of the entrance ramp including housekeeping.  I will try to create simple powerpoint slides that will play as students are entering the classroom and discuss with them simple online etiquette and tips.

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      Laura Sanabria

      Understanding and applying the sprint formula approach helps me notice the flaws in my current teaching. I tend to extend in areas longer than needed and overlook other aspects of teaching. This approach is a structured reminder of the need to parcel time for each aspect of the learning session.

      I am best at the entrance ramp. Students get the housekeeping, norms of engagement and agenda and enrollment. I tend to overdo  the sprint content by not providing breaks of transition and review.  Exit sprint also needs work. Increase the time spent on Q&A and reflection.

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        Zina Matthews-Holmes

        I like your idea of simple slides…nothing too complex.  I don’t want to fry their brains at the doorstep of my class.  🙂    Save that for later on…



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      Shelia Hall

      I had been working on my housekeeping techniques. I had putting announcements and videos on Blackboard with a start and end date.

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      Chasidy Parks

      I will use the Sprint Formula to set targets for defining different portions of the lesson. The Entrance Ramp provide organization at the start of the lesson. Having a preset agenda will help students understand where we are within the lesson. I tend to do well with entrance ramp. However, during the exit ramp portion I tend to get off track. The student questions portion can sometimes lead to unrelated conversations. So, I believe focusing more attention on housekeeping will help me stay focus during that time.

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      Annette Merier

      I think that the content sprint is where I am most effective.  I allow time for practice and application.  I usually do have some sort of entrance and exit.  However, I don’t feel that I am as effective with these as the content sprint.

      I will use the formula to help me remember steps for the entrance ramp, divide the content sprint up into 3 parts with transitions between each, and exit ramps. I think that the example slides will help me know what to do during each step.

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