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      Pierre LaFun
      Review the Live Session: Content: Sprint Formula and Engagement Strategies of Master Educators.  Also view the live session slide deck and the coaching slide deck . In course 2, you will not only teach the sprint formula and the engagement strategies of master educators, the strategies are demonstrated in the design and delivery of the course.  The slide decks use the Sprint Formula to organize the sequence of the live session. Engagement strategies are either directly built into the slide design or are referenced in the slide cues to help you model what you teach (and to help you facilitate a more engaging lesson!).

      While it is true that a good facilitator can spin engagement gold out of even the dullest and most boring slide decks, a slide deck that is designed for engagement, helps a facilitator create magic. 

      In your own words…

      A.  Examine the live session slide deck.  Describe how the sprint formula is used in the slide deck and describe an example where each of the eight engagement strategies are integrated into the slides.

      B. How does the inclusion of the sprint formula and the engagement strategies within the slide deck design help you model the strategies that you are teaching and deliver a more engaging learner experience?  How does this impact your credibility as a facilitator?

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