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      Katie Holloway
      In your own words, answer the following…

      Describe at least 2 design elements of effective online programs that you feel you are missing  (or are not reaching their potential) in your online program approach.  If implemented in your program, how might the elements improve program success and learning outcomes.


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      Karina Phillips

      My program is missing an ongoing community forum. I do occasional discussion questions and require students to respond to at least 2 classmates, but there is nowhere for them to interact more regularly. I like the idea of having them engage in the forum 3+ times per week. I think it could increase the feeling of community in my class, provide more opportunities for writing practice, and really build the “safe space” that I tell my students we have. I’m not sure that I change the emotional, mental, or physical state of my students every 15 minutes… I’m not sure how I would do this or how it would improve my classroom.

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