Course 1 Discussion Question 2

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      In your own words…

      Describe how you can use discussion questions and checkpoints in your hybrid online program.  Outline the next steps you will need to take to begin successfully implementing the strategies in your program.


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      Lisa Morelli


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        Lisa Morelli

        Sorry about this reply. At first it would not let me type a response and then all of a sudden I hit submit.  LOL

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          Ronnelle Sammons

          I had the same issue at first. When I went to make my post my font was in white and the only way I could see it was to highlight it. So I typed my response in Word and copy/pasted it. However, now that I have posted I can see my font. Weird! Glad I’m not the only one.

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      Lisa Morelli

      Discussion questions and checkpoints can be done with my Science synchronous lessons by using Nearpod. With Nearpod, I can embed discussion questions for the students to respond to, polls for them to respond to, as well as formative assessments that are usedas checkpoints

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        Ronnelle Sammons

        I agree Nearpod is a great tool to use for this! I love that you can add checkpoints right into the video to check for students understanding, but to also ensure they are following along with the video. I really like the polls and use them a lot for staff meetings to ensure can get feedback from everyone! If it is hard for us to engage in a staff meeting imagine how hard it is for our students to engage in a virtual classroom! So I think Nearpod is a great tool for this and I am so glad Mrs. Moore found it! I think you are also really great at using Google Forms as checkpoints!

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          Lany Moore

          I will be using the Nearpod for my discussion and checkpoints as well.

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      Ronnelle Sammons

      There are lots of different methods I have seen staff at YouthBuild use discussion questions and checkpoints to engage learners in an online platform. One program Mrs. Moore helped us all find is Nearpod. Nearpod is great for discussion questions and checkpoints because you can add them directly to videos or simply embed them into the lesson. Nearpod also allows you to create polls. This program has been extremely useful not only for student, but for staff and I have used Nearpod for staff meetings where it can be hard to get everyone’s ideas and opinions through a virtual meeting. Mr. Morahan is currently using Google Classrooms to gage student’s interests in which figures they would like to know more about for Black History Month. Google Classrooms and Google Forms are great for quick check points and discussions. Apex recently made it easier for teachers to add custom assignments and discussions into their Apex classrooms. Discussions can also be live and we can engage students in discussion while in our synchronous lessons to get a better understanding of their learning, but to also create a state change where we stop talking allow them to speak and teach each other.

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        James YB

        I have been having some success using Nearpod lessons. Ms. Chambers was very kind to have some of her students attend a lesson during her class. I think many of the students have been hesitant to attend online sessions but will be more open to it once they’ve gotten familiar with it.

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          Lany Moore

          I agree with what you said Ms. Sammons. We have been blessed to have different platforms that we can use to help the student become successful at Youthbuild. I am glad that we have this training to help us build the learning path for the students. This is not easy but if we work together, it will ease the burden a bit.

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      Lany Moore

      I have been using a poll and collaborative board embedded in nearpod if I want to know my student’s opinions about the lesson. I can also use different activities like time to climb and kahoots for checkpoints.


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