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      Katie Holloway

      Who are you, and what would you do if you were not teaching or working in adult basic education? (Give us the big ambitions! No one is going to make you change professions.)

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      Roxie Carroll

      I couldn’t begin to count the things that I would choose to do if not in education. I enjoy learning, and I enjoy learning a lot of different things. Past experiences have sparked a multitude of interest and curiousity.  When I was in the army and in a field support position, I became interested in forestry and horticulture. I think sometimes that I would love to have a nursery and play with plants all day.  When I was a Science Olympiad coach, I became interest in astronomy and thought it might be a bit interesting to study the composition of celestial bodies. As I work with my granddaughter in her pursuit as a high-scale floral designer, I developed an interest in Ikebana designs. As I spend time in Biblical study, I often wonder if I should have gone into a theological field. Guess I can’t decide if I’m earthy or celestial.  All that being said, I chose adult education. Not here by accident.

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        Roxie Carroll

        I caught it…Guess I can’t decide if I’m earthy or celestial…
        or spacey (or spacy)

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          I see we have some common interests, with working with out grandchildren and Bible study. I actually do need to do more Bible study now that I have more time.

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          Brianna Gillis

          Roxie, I agree I’m not here by accident either.  I have to say that I am earthy too.  My husband and I planted a small pecan orchard a few years ago.  This year is our first year harvesting pecans so we are staying busy, but enjoying learning the tricks of the trade while spending time with family.

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        Laura Sanabria

        I like and share your interests Roxie! Maybe not the celestial part so much but I am all about the earthy stuff. A home made green house is on the to-do list!  If only there was just a  little space to plant my secret garden! Until then, there’s time for reading and researching.

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          Roxie Carroll

          A secret garden would be so cool. If you ever get one going, I’ll be visiting!

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        Sophia Azhar

        If I were not an adult education teacher, I would be be working at a bookstore.  I love reading and I believe I would enjoy working at a used bookstore.  Too bad there are not many of those left now.

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          I’d join you at the bookstore, Sophia! I worked at a used bookstore in college and loved the smell of old books and the chance to be surrounded by them. The downside was that I spent too much of my paycheck there.

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            Peggy Wilson

            Sophia, I would enjoy going to  your bookstore!  I  love old books with good messages and/or important information.  I’m currently reading a Grace Livingston Hill book.  I downloaded this one,  but I prefer to have an old hardback copy.

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            Shawanda Cannon

            That sounds great I have a passion for books also. Owning a book store would be something I would like to do

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            Allison Holmes

            Sophia, I worked in a small bookstore for a couple of years and it was the highlight of my week.  Perhaps that would be another of my dreams:  Bookstore Owner :o)

            Thanks for the reminder…who knows what retirement will bring.

            Take Care

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          Kevin Sharpton


          I’ve got a bookstore recommendation for you:

                    Liberty Books, 176 W Crogan St, Lawrenceville, GA 30046

          Check out store photos here:

          It’s an inviting and interesting bookstore located in downtown historic Lawrenceville Square.

          Grab your face mask and take drive for a visit when you want (or need!) to check out something new.

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          Joan l Duffie

          Yeah I like this

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            Shelia Hall

            Yes. I love to read. I have a personal library in my home. My family and friends will go there and check out books. We also trade books.

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            Allison Holmes

            Thanks again, Kevin, you have a wealth of good information.

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        Joan Duffie

        Hi I am Joan Duffie and I have been with Adult Education for over 2 years now. I really enjoy teaching my students and watching them grow. I am excited to learn new ways of reaching out to them.

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        Sara Mercer

        I’d be a psychologist.  I guess we do a little bit of that anyway.

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          Kevin Sharpton


          Yes. We. Do.

          I think it falls under that last bullet in the job description and is the “other tasks as needed for the job” category. While I know we are all to one degree or another share concern for our students, remember during these times to care for yourself as well.

          One piece of advice I heard months ago shared by an adult educator who lives in another state is that we must always remember to put on our oxygen mask in the event of an emergency, and then help others with theirs. Something shared as part of airline safety presentations during takeoff prep that rings true in many areas of our lives, whether inside the classroom, connecting virtually with students, or other.

          Another saying I’ve heard that’s similar is, “A dry well produces no water”. That’s another reminder that if we don’t take care of ourselves, then how will we be prepared to take care of others when the need arises.

          Given all that is happening with the disruptions to traditional education, here are some web articles for any to check out that are written on the topic of teachers, mental health, and supporting others.


          Safeguarding the Mental Health of Teachers


          10 Mental Health Tips for Teachers During the COVID-19 Pandemic


          Mental Health Resources for Educators


          Thanks for all everyone is doing!

          Be safe. Be well.




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            Zina Matthews-Holmes

            Indeed Sarah, we certainly do take on the role of psychologists.  We’re the extended family that many of our students are lacking.  We are their mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.


            It takes a village to raise a child.

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              Allison Holmes

              Thank you, Kevin, timely and much-needed reminder to schedule self-care as much as we schedule anything else.  Take care

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        Shaquanna Tuck

        Studying the Bible is very rewarding.

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          Ericka Reid

          I agree with that statement! There were several times I had to talk to my students about something tragic that happened in their life. The good part is that the students always feel better and feel more confident afterwards!

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        Joan l Duffie

        If I was not an Adult Education Instructor, Hmm! I would go back to school and become an Actress!. Since becoming an Adult Ed Instructor, I have had to pull out different kinds of tools out of my Tool Box.  I have experienced all kinds of students and how they live!  Their upbringing are very different from mines.  I have had to really think hard and deep about each situation.  I have had to cry,  pray, and help my students.  I have had to be a good listener and guide them through their learning.  You need to be a good Actress for this job sometimes!

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      Laura Sanabria

      I’m still discovering who I am and who I want to be everyday. I like to explore and experiment and over the years have pursued my interests with a modest degree of passion.  I’m an Anthropologist by education, a linguist by trade, an ex-pat by circumstance.  I am a lover of language, literature, food and foreign cultures. If I could choose a  new occupation, I’d  be a book editor! I could curl up into seclusion and read for hours.

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        Ericka Reid

        I just watched a K-drama which followed several people who were book editors. I loved how much passion they showed for making sure that each book was perfect. You don’t realize how much work goes into a finished book until someone shows it. I can completely understand your passion for books!

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      I honestly don’t know right now what I would do if I weren’t working in Adult Education. I retired a year and a half ago after teaching in the public school setting for 30 years, and right now, I can’t see myself doing anything else outside of the education setting. However, I don’t think it will be too long before I actually “retire” for real. My husband owns a construction company, and I would like to spend time with him doing that and spend more time at my church. Oh yes, I also have six grandchildren (and one on the way) that keep me VERY busy!!! I love doing things with them!!!

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        I love to read too, Laura. If I can find myself a good book, I will sit and read it for hours. I have a good friend that was a book editor before she started teaching school. Teachers at the school where we both taught would send her their papers they were writing for graduate school. We had our very own editor on campus!!!

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          Sounds like you are very busy, Jackie.  I know what you mean about those sweet grandchildren because I have seven grandchildren also.  I can’t wait to spend time with them over the holidays 🙂

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          Brianna Gillis

          Jackie, I agree.  I love teaching, but having more time to spend with family and church would be great.  As teachers I think sometimes we spend so much time on others, that we don’t carve out enough time for ourselves.

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          mike mallette

          agree with reading….any book any time…..

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          Peggy Wilson

          Jackie, it seems we have a lot in common.  I love spending time with my six grandchildren, working with my husband, and serving others as part of the church!

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          Shawanda Cannon

          That sounds great I have a passion for history also.

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          Zina Matthews-Holmes

          Truly, the grandchildren are everything…I, too, would keep my little munchkin full-time if I weren’t teaching.  I’d teach him via traveling the world with him, exposing him to various foods, cultures, music, religions, art etc.   Let him learn about everything that makes us who we are, as the “Human Race” and how we fit on this chain that we call life.



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        Laura Sanabria

        I really get it Jackie. I love what I do also. I still learn everyday from new situations that arrive. Retirement isn’t there for me yet. But I know it will be strange when the time comes. My contact with students has been a life raft. That is why this period has been particularly challenging.


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        James Owens

        I have had similar experiences Laura.  I have been living abroad for the last 12 years and love living and learning the world through other “cultural eyes”.  I have learned a lot about myself and it has been interesting watching the change in the US over that period of time.

        Literature is an interesting way to learn about the world and our place in it.


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        Sara Mercer

        I’m with you on reading.  I could do that too. It’s nice to read a book and escape for a bit.

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      Brianna Gillis

      I began my career journey in case management and I wound up in Adult Education about 14 years ago.  I can’t picture myself doing anything else.  I can’t say that I planned that route, but I love it and wouldn’t change a thing.  I have developed a passion for Adult Ed and enjoy helping my students reach their goals.  I love learning and spending time with my husband and our 13 year old daughter.  Any adventure is fun with them.

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        Brianna, I also started in case management/social work. It has informed my work in Adult Ed since a lot of my students have similar situations that my social work clients faced.

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          Brianan Gillis

          Mary, you are right!  My case management/social work background has helped me in Adult Ed too.

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        mike mallette

        enjoyed reading your response

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        James Owens

        It is amazing how much social work, therapy, and psychology are in education.  The human experience is not solely limited to one field because when dealing with people, the social sciences overlap in alarming and illuminating ways.

        • #24633
          Brianan Gillis

          James, I totally agree you with!!  Great description!

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      I have had the privilege of working in a variety of fields in addition to ESL and have enjoyed all of them. One of my favorite and most challenging experiences was working at a refugee resettlement agency. If I could choose another career and had the ability, I think it would be fascinating to be an interpreter for the United Nations. I only speak one other language, though, so I wouldn’t be a good candidate!

      • #24634
        Brianan Gillis

        Mary, that sounds very interesting!  I think I would enjoy that job also.  I would loved to hear more about your experience at the refugee resettlement agency.

    • #24608
      mike mallette

      anything…….Game Warden…..anything outdoors

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      James Owens

      I have many interests but I have a background in teaching History in foreign countries and English Lit.  These are two passions that I had to walk away from to return to the US to finish my Masters in Teaching Secondary Ed.  Adult Ed is a new venture for me but I am thoroughly enjoying the learning curve and new challenges to working in this arena of education.

      • #24753
        Shaquanna Tuck

        We enjoy working with you too James.

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      Matt Rector

      Hello fellow educators, I’m Matt Rector, your Instructional Coach.

      I am also Education Coordinator at the Social Enterprise and Training Center in Schenectady, NY. I have been working with transition-aged young people for about twelve years in a variety of roles: construction trainer, academic instructor, and case manager.

      If I wasn’t teaching, I like to dream that I would be a world-traveling writer. But I might also be a mailman. I enjoy walking and always looked at the mail delivery people on the sidewalk and thought that would be a job I wouldn’t mind doing.

      I’m excited to get to know all of you.

      • #24661
        Brianna Gillis

        It’s nice to meet you Matt.  My mother is a mailman and has been for many years.  She enjoys the interaction with her customers very much.

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      Shaquanna Tuck

      Hello everyone,

      I am Shaquanna Tuck. I have been teaching Adult Education with Coastal Pines for about an year. I speak Spanish and want to learn Korean.

      I can’t imagine not teaching, but I do enjoy traveling (pre-COVID) and getting to experience other cultures.

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        Chasidy Parks


        Yes, teaching is a truly a passion. Especially, when you love what you do.

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      Ericka Reid

      I know exactly what I would do if I decided not to teach years ago. I would be an archeologist mainly due to my love of history. The first time I became interested in history was when I learned about Ancient Egypt in middle school. At that time, the Discovery channel would have specific documentaries with archeologists and showcase their discoveries. This was something I wanted to do for years until I realized that I would always chase the next discovery.

      • #24800
        Brianna Gillis

        Ericka, that is very interesting.  I took an archeology class in college and I really enjoyed it.  I enjoy watching these type shows on Discovery Channel too.

      • #25320
        Annette Merier

        That sounds very interesting.  I also love history.  I think it would be fascinating to discover more about a long lost civilization.

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      Kevin Sharpton

      If it wasn’t for adult education at present, then jokingly I’ll say… sleep and rest =)


      • #24852
        Brianna Gillis

        Kevin, I agree.  Adult Ed keeps us busy, but it’s our passion.

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      Shawanda Cannon

      If I was not an Adult Education Instructor, I would be a travel agent. I love traveling but due to recent pandemic activity I can not travel at this time. I have always loved traveling starting with family vacations growing up to the national parks to now my husband and I going on the so called yearly honeymoons. Just the new scenery and the memories does that to me every time. My last vacation was in December 2019 so I am well over due for a special trip.

      • #25319
        Annette Merier

        That sounds very interesting. helping people to travel to new places and experience new and exciting things.

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      Chasidy Parks


      I weren’t working in Adult Education. I would work downtown Atlanta, at a fortune 500 company. I am a Business Major. So, I assume I would be doing something of that nature. However, I am truly grateful that isn’t my life. I love what we do in Adult Education.

      • #24866
        Chasidy Parks


        I agree the pandemic definitely ruined travel. I enjoy traveling also. I image as a Travel Agent you would secure some pretty nice deals.

        • #24871
          Philandria Williams

          Right! Plus you don’t want to deal with that traffic lol

      • #24873
        Philandria Williams

        Me too! I did not get a chance to see any beach water or sand this year!

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      Philandria Williams

      If I was not an ABE instructor, I would be a Zumba instructor. I’ve taught Zumba in the past and really love it. I could also be a journalist/news anchor because that’s something that I always thought I would enjoy!

    • #24889
      Zina Matthews-Holmes

      I’m no one special, but if I were, I’d visit each and every restaurant to observe and leave comments on their hospitality.

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      Annette Merier

      If I were not a teacher, (and I was thinking big and money wasn’t a problem) I would like to have a life where I could do volunteer work  like visiting the elderly in nursing homes or helping out at a children’s center.  I also would like to have a tea shop/bakery/bookstore where people could meet and have discussions about books they have read.

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      Allison Holmes

      Better late than never…that’s the philosophy I subscribe to as I journey into my senior years.  I’ve aspired to many dream careers:  vocal performing artist, Alvin Ailey performer, stage/film actor, state/national leader (legislative/education), attorney, travel agent, school administrator, oh the dreams I hold dear. I do pursue some of these interests on a small scale, but nevertheless, cannot seem to shake the role of educator.  This path has been bittersweet with the lower-income scale than most career paths, but the reward of its impact on the lives of others and influence on society is priceless.

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