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      Howdy!  Working with youth and community building as a profession can be a demanding and exhausting experience.  Managing service learning projects can add additional stress.

      • What do you do to recharge?
      • How do you take care of yourself when you are over-extended at work?
      • What advice would you offer someone new to YouthBuild who is trying to balance self-care with their commitment to the program and the learners?
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      Candace Copenhaver

      1) To recharge I like to focus more on self care at home.

      2) To take care of myself when I am over extended at work I enjoy a long hot bubble bath, or a trip to the barn to see my horse.

      3) The advice I would give someone is to just breathe. It seems whenever I feel overwhelmed, something happens and it just all works out.

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        KuLena R. Burton

        Water and nature definitely have immeasurable  benefits, that help to revitalize.Riding and grooming horses can be very soothing, had a moment of nostalgia…took lessons decades ago… NJoy!

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          Crystal Pena

          I agree with this! It will work out. Stressing does nothing to fix anything.

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        Amber Palmeri

        I love the optimism of “it all works out.” It’s true–things might feel hard or overwhelming, but at some point something will shift and they will work themselves out.

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        Zanda Miller

        Great question? I enjoy walking. I take a 30-45 minute walk at noon while I listen to a Girltrek pod cast. Get’s me out of the office, away from all, and add to my steps for the day. I drink plenty of water so I have to get up and go the the restroom. However, I work all the time. I don’t really relax. Even when I’m walking, I’m thinking about work or something I need to do for somebody.

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        Latonya Hudson McGee

        To recharge, I like to have a quiet space to read a book or have a message and relax with a book or movie.

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        Tanza Pugliese

        To recharge I take a lot of naps.

        When I’m over extended I go for walks or go out with friends.

        Advice I give to new YouthBuilders is that it’s okay to leave your work phone at home sometimes and actually turn off and put your computer away.

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      Amber Palmeri

      This is a GREAT question.

      1. To recharge I take mental breaks where I don’t have to focus on anyone needing anything from me. Depending on how much time I have, I’ll read, listen to a podcast, or watch late night talk show snippets on youtube (Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, and Amber Ruffin are my favorites).

      2. When over-extended at work, I usually try to carve out some time to make lists, re-prioritize where necessary, reach out for support where I can (i.e., delegate), and try to implement a short moratorium on saying yes.

      3. Advice to someone new would be something along the lines of “put on your own oxygen mask first, before assisting others.” As impossible as it may feel sometimes, it’s critical.

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        KuLena R. Burton

        Love An Engaging Talk Show host or You-Tube Phenomenon!

        Lists help me analyze too. All the Best this Year…

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        Virginia Hamilton

        YESS !! Love this advice! Absolutely crucial!

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        Maria Cortez

        I love your last piece of advice!! I will apply that.

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        Latonya Hudson McGee

        That is a great thing to do at lunch. Walking is a healthy habit and a big stress reliever.

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      KuLena R. Burton

      1. RechargingWaterShowers are often the go to remedy for me.  A Quick trip to the sound or beach to either jump in or watch the crashing waves is up-lifting. NatureGrounding… becoming rooted is helpful too.

      2. Self Care starts with being Self Aware. It’s always necessary to look at why you’re overexerted, and then potentially what can be done differently. I try not to simmer in negativity for too long. Exercise, A Shower, a Great Book,  Music or A Movie Always does the trick.  Sometime I just Lay in Silence or Listen to High Vibrational Sounds and TonesCrafting and Writing on occasion helps to unwind and or process too. Create a Space of Solace in your room or in your home and visit it frequently. No matter the size or space, always carve out a significant space or find a place to renew.

      3. First and Foremost, Never take things Personally. Yep, this is easier said than done. We as Transformative Leaders, Change Agents and Proponents of Optimal Outcomes , must remember that Change Stems from Within.

      1. Celebrate your accomplishments big and small

      2. Reaffirm Yourself  and Others.   

      3. Research-Consider the structure of your program, pros and cons, overtime, not just in this moment.

      4. Identify a Healthy Mentor or Confidant, that you can connect with for unbiased yet healthy and professional insight.

      5. Utilize Training Networks and <b>Experiences to Strengthen Your  Skills-Set, Lexicon and Knowledge Base</b>

      6. Trust the Process

      7.  Remember to  Recharge and Engage Self-Care


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        Amber Palmeri

        These are such great recommendations! I especially appreciate your point of being aware. I think that’s where I get stuck sometimes….actually acknowledging that I’m in need of self-care and giving myself permission for that break. I also like the idea to celebrate accomplishments no matter how big or small.

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        Maria Cortez

        I couldn’t agree more!! We tend to pause and take time for ourselves. Celebrating accomplishments is something I need to work on myself.

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      Virginia Hamilton

      Hi Everyone! I am Virginia from Project YES YouthBuild in Philadelphia! In order to recharge I like to take long walks and talk to friends on the phone ( sad Covid hobbies! haha) When I feel overextended at work I enjoy laughing at something mindless and just taking some  time to not be staring at my computer! If I had to offer advice it would be to take breaks and don’t overextend yourself so you don’t burn out! It is true that the turtle wins the race over the hare!

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      Maria Cortez
      • To recharge I take a trip to the nursery and buy new pots and soil to repot my plants. I find it therapeutic to garden. I also take time to do self-guided meditations at night. A nice hot shower will also help relax me after a long and stressful day at work.
      • I take time to do things that I enjoy. I love being out in nature especially hiking. I feel much better once I complete a hike. I try to keep a consistent sleep schedule to feel well rested and ready to go the next day.
      • My advice for someone new to Youthbuild is to step away when overwhelmed, maybe take a nice 10 minute walk and refocus. Also asking your team to assist if need be. It’s ok to ask for help.
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      Crystal Pena
      • What do you do to recharge?
        • I take me time. I like to spend time reading or doing crazy projects around my house. Most of the recharge includes wine.
      • How do you take care of yourself when you are over-extended at work?
        • I make sure that I make lists and organize my projects. I also realize that I can only do so much. This was a process for me to learn.
      • What advice would you offer someone new to YouthBuild who is trying to balance self-care with their commitment to the program and the learners?
        • Establish boundaries and do not compromise on those boundaries. Work time is work time and personal time is personal time. There will be exceptions but there should be few as possible to ensure the work of the program does not overtake your personal life as well.
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      Zanda Miller


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