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      Pierre LaFun

      The Laws of Learning are universally accepted concepts, research, or best practices in teaching. Which law of Learning best describes you as an educator? Introduce yourself as a Law of Learning. Describe yourself, the law, and why this law best represents you as an educator.

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      Hello everyone!


      I am Tamara Thompson, facilitator of this course, CEO of Mockingbird Education, and a lifetime student of cognition.  I am fascinated by three things in life–how our brain learns (particularly when it is overwhelmed), how our psychology impacts our success, and all aspects of social behavior (human, wildlife, pets–love it all!).  These interests have led to an adventurous life.

      The law that best describe me as an educator is the law of active attention.  This law states that we can only pay focused attention for about 15 minutes  and then BAM!, our attention begins to diffuse.  This law perfectly describes my past experiences as a learner.  I was (and still am) the student in class that is impatient for the next step, hates monotonous busy work, and LOVES activities that stretch my thinking.


      This law describes me as a teacher, not so much because it accurately describes my teaching  but because I aspire to exemplify the spirit of the law.  I aspire to be that teacher that keeps learners thinking and that facilitates learning activities with a finesse that aligns with the natural cycles of focus.   I want my learners to look up from learning and say “Wow!  the time flew by ….and I learned so much! ”  I am not there yet as an educator..but I love climbing this mountain!


      I should also probably mention the law of organization and stress interference.  Both of these laws are central to my personality as a teacher.  I am highly organized in my approach (this does not always translate in a classroom but I promise, it is there under the surface….) and teaching for me, is freedom from whatever stresses I might be experiencing in my life.  A couple of hours with fellow learners in a classroom facilitating a course, and BAM! I will leave with a renewed sense of purpose and a sense of hope and optimism that I equate with my youth.

      So many laws….. where does one begin? …. what about you?  Which laws describes YOU?


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        Ricardo Castro


        I´m Ricardo Castro, based in Honduras and I work for CRS as Social and Emotional Learning Program Manager, developing and strengthening the importance of managing our emotions to be better citizens and human beings.

        The law that best describe me as an educator is Law of Social Interaction, that establishes a better process if we find among other similarities in what we want to learn, we are support from others.

        Letting others understand that we are all in a learning cycle and that we support each other generates greater trust, creating bonds of empathy in others has been one of the strategies to have greater confidence and helps me understand each one of the people.

        Long -short: We are social beings and we need each other.


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          Gaby Alfaro

          Hi Ricardo, I also relate to this law so much! I find myself having doubts and asking questions during online courses that I don´t know if others share, therefore I can sometimes become shy and not ask these questions at all or even think to myself that I wasn´t ready for said course (because I don´t understand something). But by having an opportunity to interact with my peers, I find myself opening up and sharing said questions and even helping others have a clearer understanding of concepts. It really helps me learn better when I can validate said learning with others and even out things in my own words.

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            Michelle Marland

            Dear Ricardo,

            Sometimes I can be an introvert and sometimes I am an extrovert. It really depends on my level of confidence and if its a first time for doing something or if I am experienced. I agree that learning in groups, particularly now when life is so isolated, opportunities for engagement even virtually help me feel more connected, makes me look forward to our time together and gets my mind off the many other stresses in my life. Thanks for the t-shirt quote as Chelsea mentioned! 🙂

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          Ricardo I love your closing line – it belongs on a T-shirt 🙂 You are right, we really do need each other and work better as a team than in isolation. You are king of the GIFs but also really great at applying this law into the work that you do and how you interact with others in a meaningful way. Kudos my friend for living it each and every day!

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          querido Ricardo,

          definitivamente que somos seres sociales y necesitamos todos de todos, la interaccion hace que aprender sea mas divertido y natural.


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        Ricardo Castro

        I agree Tamara, many laws, I think we all have everything, although we identify more with one

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          Ricardo Castro

          Before you stealing the idea, I’ll make the shirt …
          Personally, we forget that others have better ideas or have things to say, with this law, what we do is strengthen relationships and communication skills.

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        Hello Everyone,

        My name is Michelle Marland. I am the Senior Technical Advisor for Youth at HQ in Baltimore, MD. I would say I am somewhere between Law of Organization and Self-Regulation. If you look at my outlook calendar you will see it color coded and emails attached with time designated for prep time to make sure I give myself enough time to complete tasks and follow-up. Surprisingly, I used to be a huge procrastinator and always felt so overwhelmed with responsibilities or big tasks. Before Tamara’s great laws and approaches such as chunking and sprints, I had to learn by mistakes and punishments to realize and work on improving this habit. Now the stress is greatly reduced and I look forward to taking on challenges and usually set earlier deadlines to give myself some space in case last minute things come up.


        As a teacher, I think I can be more empathetic with those who feel overwhelmed by so many tasks and seeing the importance of motivation and making it clear, asking lots of questions, following up to make sure they feel confident and have the willingness and strive to achieve and perhaps explain these laws reach out to them for ideas on how this may or may not work.

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          me siento muy identificada con usted, pensaba que organizar el calendario por colores era un tanto extremo, pero ahora me siento feliz de saber que hay mas personas asi 🙂

          como usted dice creo que personalmente debo aprender mas de las tecnicas para hacer sentir seguros a los participantes, porque creo que hasta ahora no lo estoy haciendo.

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      Pierre Lafun

      Hi everyone,

      Trying this again 🙂 I am Chelsea Peters the regional technical advisor for education based in Mexico.

      As a learner I would say that the law of limited attention best describes me. I am curious about so many things and I can be a bit like a parrot with a shiny object. The law of limited attention says that we can only sustain focus for our age in minutes up to a maximum of 21 minutes.

      As an educator I really align best with the law of organization. So many of the projects I support include trainings and materials development for low resource environments where there really needs to be a very clear, systematic learning path to help students and teachers retain information and scaffold learning. When we design learning experiences the process has to be intentional so that we can build on what we know/have learned and provide learners with tools and experiences that help them retain information and apply learning. You can have great content but if the delivery is unstructured its really hard for learners and other teachers to follow. This is probably why I love the visual for the Mockingbird learning path so much 🙂

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        Gaby Alfaro

        Hi Chelsea! I see we are two peas in a pod! I loved what you said about intention. As you might notice from my first post, I love TV and film and through my intense watching, have learned that all good film makers include scenes that have a specific intention in mind. The idea is to provide the viewer with information at the right time, so as to not give everything away too fast and overwhelm them, while not boring them with a long wait either.

        I think that as educators we have a similar role to film makers. Everything we include in our course designs are there for a specific purpose and we have to really click with our students to figure out how best to present it to them.

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          Michelle Marland

          Hi Chelsea,

          I can tell you are in the education world as you used the term scaffolding, which I haven’t heard in a while (since I was working on an ALP program for teachers to scope and sequence their lessons getting students back into school after being out for 9 months in Sierra Leone post-ebola). I really do love that the things we are learning and can be applied to so much of our work but even personal lives. It’s great to see application from you and others. This gives the rest of us a window to your personality, preferences and work ethics. Thanks for sharing!


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      Gaby Alfaro

      Hello all! My name is Gaby, or you could also call me Organized Closet Gaby because of my obsession with keeping things tidy. This is why the law of learning that I most relate to is the law of organization. If I were describing the plot of Game of Thrones, for example, I know that I have to start with an overview of what Westeros is and who the great families are rather than jumping straight ahead into describing the motivations of characters like Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. In other words, I would start with an overview of what countries make part of the Game of Thrones world, what families rule the country of Westeros and finally, who are the game changing members of each great family.

      Otherwise, if I as your facilitator presented a more jumbled explanation of what Game of Thrones is, then your plot summary experience might be very confusing and even stressful and I, as your presenter (or facilitator) would have failed because in the end, just like Jon Snow, you would know nothing.

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        Pierre Lafun

        Gaby I love this! I am also very much in the organized closet club. Also, I have never seen Game of Thrones – am I the only one who was late to the party and then felt like too many seasons = too much commitment to watch it beginning to end? But also, your description has me intrigued. I clearly need to look at this birds eye view of Westeros and reconsider. I wonder if there is an organized viewers map of Game of Thrones? If not, maybe your should make one 😉

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          Mabel Guevara


          I love your level of organization and I don’t see it as an obsession but as a good quality that describes you very well.


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      Mabel Guevara

      Hello everyone, I love to read to you.

      I am Mabel Guevara, I am a technical advisor for savings groups at a regional level and I support the work of entrepreneurship with young people in El Salvador. I live in San Miguel, El Salvador.

      I think that the law that best describes me is that of social interaction because I like to keep myself in an exchange of knowledge, I give, receive, and build together.

      As a facilitator, I identify myself with the law of progress. Within the learning process, I like to see that everything is a constant learning process and that one can learn, unlearn and be open to new knowledge such as the one we are carrying out in this training

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      Hola a tod@s

      soy Ivonne, facilitadora de la metodologia de Grupo de apoyo de mujeres (GAM) y apoyo en el trabajo de empleo y emprendimiento que se realiza en la extencion de Senderos Juveniles en Honduras.

      vivo en Tegucigalpa y como estudiante la ley que mejor me describe es la del progreso, disfruto como dice Mabel de aprender y desaprender, siento que siempre hay una tecnica, un conocimiento o algo que puedo tomar de los demas, para ponerlo en practica en mi propia vida.

      como facilitadora es dificil elegir una ley que me describa en su totalidad, por lo que elegire la ley de interaccion social y la de organizacion, creo que el aprendizaje debe llevar siempre un hilo conductor que interconecte todo lo que hacemos, aunque mi escritorio no este tan ordenado, mis procesos de enseñanza aprendizaje si, invierto mucho tiempo en cubrir hasta el mas pequeño detalle

      aprender en comunidad es mucho mas significativo, ademas de que me permite diseñar activiades divertidas y ludicas.

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