Attention Span and Online Learning Experience

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      Connie Lamansky

      An adult’s attention span usually lasts 20-21 minutes. Online attention span last 2-3 minutes. Distractions are a key factor for the adult learner in an online course. Online courses must be meaningful, well structured, easy to navigate, and provide frequent interactions between the instructor and the student. First, repetition is needed in a consistent learning path. Students would view a question, office hours, a sprint-mini lesson, a checkpoint, a discussion, and an assignment. Keeping in mind a student’s short attention span; a mini lesson would feature a brief introduction to a concept. A checkpoint would feature a kahoot game. In the discussion components short question would be assigned. A variety of activities would help to keep the adult learners interested and engaged. Most importantly, these activities must be easily accessed by the adults so as not to frustrate or cause additional stress in this learning path.

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