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      April Smart

      Howdy! Introduce yourself to your peers.

      • Who are you? April Smart
      • What is your role at your YouthBuild and what would you be doing if you were not helping to change the trajectory of young  people in YouthBuild? A poet? An accountant?  An actor? Dream big, you are among friends. I am a community projects coordinator, first year here at Youthbuild in Philadelphia. If i was not here I would be in tourism and hospitality field.
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      Zanda Miller

      Hello, I’m Zanda, Case Manager and Data Technician with Pathways in Petersburg, VA. If I were not doing what I’m currently doing, I would be working with the homeless or a re-entry program. Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to work with people; direct service.

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      Candace Copenhaver

      My name is Candace. But who I am is so much more! I am a daughter, sister, mom, friend, a lover of animals, a student, and a teacher. Each of my titles is just as important as the next. I am a healthcare instructor of almost 3 years. If I was not here, I would love to be in a year round warm environment, surrounded by dogs, cats and horses.

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        Sherrie Kirbach

        Sounds like you have full and rewarding LIFE!

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        Zanda Miller

        I too would love to be some place warm, tropical. However, no pets.

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      My name is Tiffany, I am the service and follow-up coordinator at Youth Action YouthBuild NYC . If I was not working as a Service and Follow-up Coordinator, I would probably become a Financial Educator. I enjoy learning and teaching others on finances.

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