Reply To: Attention Span and Online Learning Experiences


Attention span during online learning cycles in and out, and is shorter (about 10 minutes) than the attention span in a live class. Material may be boring or unfamiliar, so it’s hard to keep focusing. It’s also very tempting to look at texts, instagram feed etc. It’s difficult not to respond to what is seen or heard in the environment. It may be necessary to address a child’s question, or separate fighting children, for example.
To address this situation, present material in small chunks, with a 2-3 question quiz at the end of each chunk of material. Present a colorful picture that connects with the material, or play a short video about the material. Keep units short, so they can be finished in a short period of time. That way, when disruptions come, perhaps one chunk of material will be finished, and it will not be so hard to get back to the next piece of material

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