Meet RTL
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Ready To Learn
Integrated Education and Training Curriculum For HSE Prep Students
In One Holistic Curriculum
Integrate Everything in One Curriculum Box!
In One Curriculum Toolbox!
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HSE Preparation
Prepare learners for the GED®, HiSet©, and TASC™ tests. Lessons focus on concepts, knowledge, and skills learners need to for high school equivalency tests. All lessons are aligned to College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS).
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Career Exploration
Help students explore high-growth occupations in 4 career pathways. Each thematic unit features an occupation from one of 4 career pathways-business, manufacturing, healthcare, or hospitality. Why these four pathways? Because these pathways align with community college pathways found in colleges across the country.
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Workforce Development
Introduce learners to workforce development skills they will need to find and keep a job in today;s workforce.
Embed in real life
Embed Lessons in
Work Context.

Contextualized lessons embed learning in the context of real-life applications.

READY TO LEARN contextualizes HSE preparation in the context of career exploration and workforce development.

Contextualization provides the application that adult learners need to answer the questions, "Why are we learning this?" and "When will I use what I am learning?"

Contextualization improves motivation, encourages curiosity, and fosters meaning-making.

Focus on what is important
Focus on What is Important in the Classroom.
We have done the hard work so you can focus on what is important in a classroom. The research, the design, the integration,and the contextualization of curriculum lessons is done!
You can focus on what is important. Focus on delivery. Focus on training your teachers. Focus on instructional consistency. Inexperienced teachers will appreciate the structure, master educators will love the flexibility.
Everything but the teacher
Ready to Learn is a Program-In-A-Box Approach
Everything but the
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Math and RLA Curriculum
There are 2 separate curriculums. The Math and RLA curriculum can be implemented seperately or integrated together.
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22 Thematic Units
READY TO LEARN includes 22 thematic units of instruction. Themes focus on different career pathways. Each unit contains 4 lessons. Each lesson is 2-2.5 hours in length.
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88 Instructor Guides
88 Power Points
88 Learner Workbooks
88 Unit Resource Guides
88 Teacher Scripts
Solutions to Help you Teach
Solutions to Help You Teach Relevant and Real-World Lessons.
We combine humanistic design with contextualized learning to help you HSE preparation lessons that are relevant and meaningful to lives of your learners.
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