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Mental Wellness Curriculum
In One Holistic Curriculum
Curriculum Integration
A Life Skills Curriculum that Teaches
Healthy Strategies
for Mental Wellness.
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Decrease Reactionary and Impulsive Behavior
Teach learners how to 'slow down' their reactionary responses. I AM READY teaches learners how to slow down reactionary impulses and evaluate thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to choose healthy and rationale responses.
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Alleviate Stress and Choose Healthy Responses
Help students explore mindfulness tools to alleviate stress. Teach learners the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and emotions and how to identify and replace destructive behaviors with healthy habits.
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Respond With Empathy and Create Healthy Boundaries
Teach learners how to positively respond and manage one's thoughts, behaviors, and emotions in urgent and volatile situations. Teach learners how to create thinking plans to navigate uncertainty and trigger situations that can lead to destructive patterns and unhealthy habits.
Mental Wellness is not the absence of
Mental Wellness is
the Absence of Mental Illness!

Everyone benefits from mental wellness strategies.
Being mentally well means that your mind is in order and you are functioning in your best interest.

A mentally well person can think, feel, and act in ways that create a positive impact on his or her physical and social well- being.

I AM READY is designed to help learner understand and practice healthy mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns so learners can be their best self!

Aligned to CASEl standards
Aligned to CASEL Standards.
Grounded In Research.
Designed for At-Risk Learners.
We did the hard work of research, design, and testing, and standards alignment for you.

We also piloted the curriculum in youth development and correction programs with learners identified as at-risk.

If you are ready to help struggling learners improve mental wellness, coping skills, and self-regulation skills, contact Mockingbird Education.
Program in a box
I AM READY is a Program-In-A-Box Approach
Everything but the

Our Program-In-A-Box approach provides everything you need to facilitate 8 units (32 lessons) of intense learner-centered activities.

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8 Thematic Units
I AM READY includes 8 thematic units of instruction. Each unit focuses on a theme of healthy behavior. Each unit contains 4 lessons. Each lesson is 1.5-2.0 hours in length.
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30 Instructor Guides
30 Power Points
30 Learner Workbooks
30 Unit Resource Guides
30 Teacher Scripts
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Solutions to Help You Teach Relevant and Real-World Lessons.
We combine forward-thinking teaching strategies with momentum changing behavioral strategies to help teachers teach, lead, and inspire.
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