Blueprint For Service Learning
A partnership between YouthBuild USA AmeriCorps and Mockingbird Education

Three-course series for implementing Service Learning projects in YouthBuild

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Blueprint For Service Learning
Course Series
YouthBuild USA has partnered with Mockingbird Education to offer a three-course training series to help your YouthBuild program develop and implement high-quality service learning projects.
Intended Audience:
YouthBuild Staff
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Blueprint for Service Learning
Improving Integration in Primary Service
In Course 1, we will turn up the volume on primary service. You will examine the foundational elements of service learning and explore service learning differences in primary and secondary service. Together, we will define service learning and explore integration of learning in our primary service. We will explore the different methods of integration and learn tools for blending vocational skills, academics, workforce development and leadership skills into every element of YouthBuild. Additionally, we will learn a 4 step integration process that can help any Youthbuild increase the depth of integration in their primary service.
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Blueprint for Service Learning
Effective Service Learning Projects
In Course 2, we will turn up the volume on secondary service projects. We will deepen our knowledge secondary service-learning projects and learn how to use the 5 step process to integrate more service learning projects into existing program practices.
We will examine different types of service-learning projects and explore best practices for developing and sustaining community partnerships that meet service learning project needs. Throughout it all, we focus on practices that promote student voice, and student leadership.
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Blueprint for Service Learning
Improving Design and Delivery of Service Learning
In Course 3, we will turn up the volume on evaluating service learning projects in our YouthBuild. We will examine the laws of service learning and explore how we can use the laws to evaluate our service learning projects and create a plan for improvement. Learn how to develop process for designing and delivering service projects that create meaningful and transformative experiences for students and turn community partners into program and student advocates.
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Course 1: Mar 2 - Mar 15
Live Session: Mar 2, 12-2 CST
Coaching Session: Mar 9, 12-2 CST
Course 2: Mar 16 - Mar 29
Live Session: Mar 16, 12-2 CST
Coaching Session: Mar 23, 12-2 CST
Course 3: Mar 30-Apr 10
Live Session: Mar 30, 12-2 CST
Coaching Session: Apr 6, 12-2 CST
Hybrid Classes
Hybrid courses combine live Zoom sessions and asynchronous self-paced courses

Delivery Platform

A combination of live sessions and self-paced online course

Course Length

Each course is 2 weeks in length.

Learning Style

Interactive and Self-Paced

CE Credits

Texas Education Agency


Certificate of Completion or Mastery

Class Size



Live sessions are recorded. If you cannot attend a live session, you may watch the recording. However, attendance in the live sessions is highly recommended.

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Flexible courses to work with your professional and personal schedule.

What You Need to Know for Course Success
Each course is 2 weeks in length. The course begins with a 2.5-3 hour lives session followed by a 2 week asynchronous course. Asynchronous activities are self-paced but a recommended schedule is provided. A live coaching session is offered in the second week of the course.
You don't have to attend live sessions ( recordings are available 24 hours after event), but we highly recommend attendance.
When the course begins, you will receive an access email to login into Mockingbird's LMS to begin course.
After the last week of course, you will have a two-week "grace period" to access materials or complete any outstanding course activities.
Upon full completion of the online course, you will receive certificate completion or mastery.

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