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Dedicated to the Professionals that Teach the Learning Underdogs.

Mockingbird Education is an educational consulting firm dedicated to helping educators teach their best lesson. We are located in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 2007, Mockingbird provides professional development to thousands of educators annually.

We combine cognitive instructional design with behavioral psychology learning strategies to create immersive multi-sensory learning experiences for workshop participants. Our workshops and courses are facilitated by master educators with years of classroom teaching experience and expertise in cognition, curriculum, and instructional design. Mockingbird’s approach is dedicated to the learning underdogs and our commitment is to helping educators reach and teach their most reluctant students.

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Our Beginning
We began Mockingbird Education in 2007 after years of sitting in professional development that didn't understand the fragility of our learners or the challenges in our classroom.
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Our Passion
We love teaching, and our passion is visible in every training, workshop, and curriculum. We live for the great aha moments found when someone realizes the potential in a strategy, learner, solution, or most importantly, his or herself.
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Our Invitation
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Our Name
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